I can understand now

How men of intelligence often end up in isolation. People like Hemingway come to mind. Sure, he was a narcissist and an asshole but putting up with strangers is easier than putting up with "friends" and family that exhibit nothing other than dark triad traits. You want to abuse, put down or whatever, you do that, you just won't be doing it to me.


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I think you’re confused

May 31, 2023 at 3:28am

If you’re going to use a narcissist as an example you should also consider that they often wind up alone because they get old and have used up every good person they encountered when they were still young enough to attract them. They’re alone not because they’re so intelligent, but because they’re manipulative and controlling assholes. It’s possible to be highly intelligent without being a narcissistic sociopath, and if you’re a decent person you can find other decent people to be around. I’ve known lots of people who are very intelligent but they were also jerks so I stopped associating with them.

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