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I waited 3 years to return to post secondary studies, pre pandemic I had worked 6 years and amassed multiple awards, bursaries and scholarship funds to pay for my desired niche trade. it was a dream that was stopped cold for COVID. When I finally got back to it in September it was closure, but within a few weeks it was also clear what had returned was severely broken and I withdrew. I had so much self doubt. I was ashamed to tell people because I had been working for this dream for roughly 10 years and to walk away seemed to be on me. The SFU football team being cancelled highlights just how much things have broken. Nobody gives a shit about my plight, but my plight is really no different than theirs. There are millions that will have great adventures this academic year, but there are just as many who will hit dead end walls and broken dreams. The SFU football team is fighting a no win situation, but their loss helps many recognize that things are broken.


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May 13, 2023 at 8:44am

... should not cancel the football team. It's one of these things that was decided by MBAs having "meetings."

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