This LGBTQ / trans stuff has gotten terrifying!!

Why are people just now realizing trans people exist? They always have! The focus being on trans women is even more disturbing to me. They have been using the correct bathroom this entire time (the women’s) this has not been an issue. If we start demanding “women only spaces” we may get them and reverse history because all of the sudden all these men are so worried about women’s rights and safety… but we’re putting the focus on the LGBTQ community as responsible for the reason we’re not safe and don’t have equal rights?! Like really…? But I see this all backfiring because if we want equality then that means once these women only spaes come what do you think is next? MALE ONLY SPACES! Matt Walsh was just on the news trying to say a female sports broadcaster needed to be fired because she was trying to feminize the sport because she asked people not to touch her equipment. Ben Shapiro was making fun of the NFL commercial for women’s football…. This is not about the lgbtq community or trans people. WHO CARES IF OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO TRY TO DO WHAT THEY THINK IS BEST FOR THEIR KIDS. WATCH UR OWN KIDS. UR GOING TO HAVE COUNTLESS BILLS NEXT THAT WILL GET VOTED IN JUST TO SPITE U IF U TRY TO HAVE GOV CONTROL OVER OTHER PPL!


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I agree, it’s terrifying.

May 1, 2023 at 7:12pm

We must have the freedom to shoot people at will, and yet bodily sovereignty and pronouns must be strictly regulated by the state.

Books with LGBTQ+ themes must be banned from schools, and we must dox school librarians and call them pedophiles while pregnant 10 year olds are required to carry to term and give birth.

And if anyone tries to stop us, we evoke cancel culture! Speak out against our genocide, and we’ll call you fascist.

/end sarcasm

Until all of us are free, none of us are.

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