Every summer, my sister flips out over the same thing, and it drives me bonkers. We will picnic, and despite dozens of corrections, she will freak out over the "bees" swarming around her. They are WASPS. We have corrected her numerous times "Hey, it's a wasp, not a bee", and it never sinks in. These are two very different organisms, and they deserve recognition for what they are. Every year, she uses the same wrong term, and it just shows how unwilling she is to learn new things from people. If I make a mistake with a word or thing, I want to be corrected with the right word or category; I want to learn. But my sister just won't learn new things and is just on basic repeat for infinity. I tried to help her save money by doing something another way; I offered to pay for half her lawyer fees over a legal matter. It's just Nope Nope Nope. Will never try a new way, never wants to even THINK about a new way. No adapting. This is why I never want to see her. I've watched this syndicated episode dozens of times already, and I already know the ending.


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Picnic at Cleveland Dam

Jun 5, 2023 at 9:09pm

There's hornets up there. They are yellow and black but don't look like bees or wasps. Just wait until one of those nasty things stings you!

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Jun 11, 2023 at 10:02pm

WTF did I just read

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