Positive space mandates

These are terrible! We have to act so PC polite like we are from some puritan age with respect for our elders. Our elders are just people with shitloads of money and zero values now. I don't want to act positive. I want to get belligerently mad because people were sold out in Canada and can no longer afford to live in Canada! All so virtue signalling idiots can have feel-good conversations at cocktail parties. Encouraging positive spaces and shitty times is moronic socialist shit. I hate it.


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Jul 31, 2023 at 1:48pm

You’re not jealous that you didn’t get invited to any of those cocktail parties, are you? Life‘s too short to worry about things like that. It’s not worth getting bent out of shape.

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@Our elders people with shitloads of money and zero values

Jul 31, 2023 at 11:19pm

Not many of the elders I know have $$ and zero values. To much generalizations and rage farming going on these days. The evolution of human society is a work in process but the rage farming never helps. Study history and you will see it always makes things worse.

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Not exactly

Aug 1, 2023 at 5:33pm

While I agree with some of what you’re saying, as one of those elders you think all have money and no values, I must disagree with that part. Do you have any clue how many poor seniors there are? We live on tiny pensions in a society that doesn’t value us at all. Just because some older people have money doesn’t mean we all do! Not only that, your generalization that elders have no values is just ridiculous. It’s this very attitude that has resulted in the severe ageism that’s permeated our society. All your ranting and rage shouldn’t be at the older people. It should be at the systems in place that have allowed a tiny percentage of the human population to amass an insane amount of wealth, putting the rest of us in a position of no power while we serve them. That’s who you should be angry at.

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@The evolution of human society

Aug 2, 2023 at 9:10pm

I don't think human society will *ever* evolve very much in truly expansive ways if basically all humans on the surface of Mother Earth drop dead under the age of 1000 years old, almost always under 150.

The turnover rate between being born and dropping dead is so utterly rapid that we, in this kind of scenario, always end up being ruled by toddlers in adult bodies of not even 500 years old. Instead of being saturated with and directed by the deep wisdom, life experiences, vast awareness, compassion, unity consciousness and capabilities of the Ancients (who again, seem to be essentially absent from the surface of Mother Earth in this time period), we are ruled by the utterly infantile.

It takes at least 200 years, in my estimate, to become a true Adult as a human being. Anything less than that and you don't even have enough continuous life experience to be anything other than toddler-esque in one form or another to begin with -- that includes me, who is only in his fourth decade.

We aren't going to evolve very much without destroying ourselves unless everyone starts unlimiting themselves regarding their own innate consciousness-as-cause abilities and basically becomes much less finite, limited and mortal than we currently are in general as a collective. Without that, again, everyone will be dead within about ~100 years, new generations will exist, and they will also be dead within ~100 years, and there will be virtually no genuine opportunity for transcendent expansion of consciousness. Because everyone dies almost the moment they're born, on planetary and certainly cosmic scales.

It's not enough. And it is reversible.

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