What's the most beautiful, surreal, meaningful, precognitive, emotionally charged or mind-blowing dream you've ever had in your entire life, that you can remember? I'm genuinely curious, and would love to hear yours in the comments. You can even write more than one, if you feel like it. I've had a number of really interesting dreams over the years -- some downright precognitive (the dream will happen first, and then an uncannily similar or overlapping physical event will follow later that can't really be explained by 'randomness' or coincidence). A number of years ago I noticed that I tend to forget most of my dreams relatively quickly, so I started writing down all of the dreams I find meaningful enough in a dream journal. It's really helped with recalling them a lot. I really recommend keeping a dream journal and writing down any significant dreams upon waking, as for most they do tend to slip away really fast, as well as seem to have waking life parallels that are important, beneficial, and hard to ignore, if we can decipher and understand them correctly. :) PS - Please come back, super interesting confessions posters from years ago!


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Aug 15, 2023 at 3:11pm

Have had a lot of crazy dreams but one of the worst was when I was 18 and doing kung fu - each night I'd end up dreaming about fighting 40 foot giants. Flying through the air I'd kick them in the head.

Then later in life I contracted epilepsy for a decade and my dreams started to be terrifying. Looking right into my subconscious each night.

One theme was being in a future world where among other things, they had cars running unto the oceans that went several hundreds of miles per hour. Those dreams used to really freak me out because technology aside, they seemed so freaking plausable.

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OP @Anonymous(1)

Aug 21, 2023 at 10:16am

Huh... throughout all the dreams I can ever remember having, flying through the air and kicking 40 foot giants in the head is definitely not one of them. :P

Re technology, you're absolutely right. Science fiction has been becoming science fact for the last century or two at least, and it's only accelerating as we move further forwards in years.

One of the more interesting dreams I've had was climbing up a giant, scaffolding-encased tower many kilometers high, located in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains on all sides (I ended up calling it "framework tower" as in the 'framework of what's actually going on', as that's what it came to symbolize to me). I (or rather, my dream character) was climbing with another, who looked like Jecht from the game Final Fantasy X, oddly enough.

Finally, we reached the top of the tower, and I entered the antechamber of some kind of beautiful gray stone temple located at the very top - it had significant "Temple of Time" vibes (yet another video game reference, I guess I had been playing a lot of them at the time).

When the giant double stone doors of the antechamber opened, I ended up in a giant room with a throne in it, four attendants / "royal guards" of some kind, and there was a surreal yet tangible golden Goddess in the middle in front of the throne, aware of me. She was so beautiful that I couldn't perceptually translate her into a specific solid form or appearance, the beauty seemed to transcend physical perception.

Then the dream ended. :(

It was highly charged though in terms of meaning, even though the description is a bit mundane. I wonder why there's some kind of goddess waiting at the top of "figuring out what's actually going on"?

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Aug 22, 2023 at 7:15am

I'm sure the people posting in the here & now are glad to hear you don't find their confessions "super interesting"

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Aug 22, 2023 at 2:56pm

For the most part, I don't -- and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not going to pretend that I find things like relationship drama, housing woes or the fact that Vancouver is incredibly socially alienating, interesting. They are valid confessions and topics of discussion, and I'm not judging those kinds of posts (or their posters) at all, but they aren't in the intriguing, electric or breathtaking category.

There are degrees of interesting. Confessions that are purely about mundane things, usually are kind of boring to me. I get enough mundanity in everyday life. Where is wonder, awe, magic, extreme synchronicity, so-called impossible abilities, deep connection, mystery, infinity? That's often where the treasure is.

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