You know these people driving around with noisy fancy cars that sound like they are back firing and extremely loud should be given a ticket. It's not a beefy car noise at all, it sounds like you need a good oil change or a proper muffler. I personally think anyone that drives one of these vehicles is saying "Look at Me". Is that your only way of getting attention, You have no other redeeming qualities ? Sad


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Of course it is

Aug 8, 2023 at 8:13pm

That’s the ONLY purpose for those types of loud vehicles in fact. Think of it like he type of ostentatious displays by to e males in almost all species. It’s no different. They’re wanting to display their “power” but what they’re actually displaying is a lack of it because they need a material object to display it. Really confident men don’t require those types of flashy displays at all, because their confidence shows from how they carry themselves and how they act, not from what they drive and how much noise it makes or how much it cost.

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Not meant for the city

Aug 8, 2023 at 10:41pm

Those cars are for racing, not idling down Robson Street. What tools they are! It's sad to hear those engines sulking through city traffic. What a waste. Losers. My Civic gets there just as fast. Actually, Skytrain is much faster!

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