Vancouver changed.

Years ago, after living in Van during the 90's, I moved back in the mid 00's. I lived above a strip club in mount pleasant. Most weekends there were shootings or beatings or violence of some kind in the area where yellow tape was around my building in the morning. I could hear the mice in the walls. Kingsgate was barren beside buy-low, an insurance place and a weird photo passport place by the washrooms. this was before the library or trendiness of current Kingsgate. My rent was like $500. It was a sh*tty abandoned neighbourhood where the community centre gym was in a stuffy basement without windows. There was a dollar pizza place still standing and outside the foundation and the first Slickity Jims there weren't many trendy restaurants yet. I left Vancouver and now pay $800 for a place with a balcony over looking Nanaimo. It has the same feel that mount pleasant did years ago. Yellow crime scene tape, dirty broken sidewalks and abandoned buildings. For the better part of my adult life I loved Vancouver. the 90's and 00s were amazing. But it changed. Leaving Van I realized that other places are cheap and eclectic and what Vancouver used to be.


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I get it

Aug 25, 2023 at 10:45am

Many years ago lived down the road from Kingsgate (as you describe it) on St. Catherines. 3 floor walk up, no elevator. Rent was appropriate but was on the low side. Someone got knifed on the first floor type of place but overall relatively safe. Later lived in New West. Loved it. So seemingly scuzzy, all kinds of people. Lap dance palace nestled in amongst bridal and tux shops. Low rises everywhere and affordable rents. Has almost become nostalgic.

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Aug 29, 2023 at 11:53am

Still mice in the walls and running along the pipes in many places

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