Clean slate

I’m getting tired of being uptight all the time. It gets really exhausting, not just mentally and emotionally, physically. It’s tiring. I find myself paying too much attention to intricate details and minor problems, which then really wracks my brain. Whether it’s something stupid somebody might’ve said to me on the street or let’s say a bad memory from the past still it’s no use. It’s a waste of energy and time. I’d like to start trying to be more flexible and may be a bit more positive for once. I’m not the best person but I’m human. We all try.


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All My Relations

Sep 28, 2023 at 12:19pm

Humans were created to be social creatures living in families and village communities. Some species are solitary and they only get together once a year to breed and then they live solitary by themselves. But us Humans need coherent family and social community. This is becoming more and more scarce in today's scattered World, but it exists for those who seek it with a good heart. Seek and you will find, but know this: Real-deal peoples and community never put a price tag on life. Sure, family and community have to have resource$ to survive but $$ is never put before heart. It's called 'The Law of Reciprocity.' Give from a generous heart and generosity will flow around the circle to all including you.' OCM Sto:lo Salish love.

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Owl in the tree

Sep 28, 2023 at 2:48pm

Listen to Eckhart Tolle. YouTube… he’s all over that stuff. Seriously—how to quiet your inner voice/critic.

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Sep 29, 2023 at 3:08pm

Try going to a Latin country and learn to live life. I did, and I really learned to lighten up, sadly I had to come back to Canada and now I long for a more open culture that has more fun.

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Not pushing

Sep 29, 2023 at 8:56pm

But I can relate to everything you wrote and have found tremendous relief I didn’t even know was possible with anti anxiety medication. I hope you can access some and see if that might answer a lot of this. Wishing you well and reminding to be kind to yourself neighbour x

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