After all this time

I still have no idea how to react if I saw her again. In no other aspect of my life so I feel this kind of confliction. Angry, excited, dismissive, honest, curt... I have no clue what reaction is right. I might simply turn and flee.


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Oct 21, 2023 at 11:27am

I went through the exact same thing as you these last few days. You’re not alone! Please know that life does go on and even though you felt a deep, longing connection with this person, it’s always healthy to let go. Deep breaths and positive energy to you. It will get better.

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You won’t know…

Oct 23, 2023 at 6:41am

…until it happens. There’s no “right” way to feel in these circumstances. You might be completely surprised and feel nothing at all. We build these things up in our minds sometimes, only to find out when it happens that we were wrong about what we thought would happen. Maybe time has removed the emotion that was present when you last saw them, and seeing them now might be just like recognizing a casual acquaintance from the past.

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Don’t give up!

Oct 25, 2023 at 11:15pm

Hey man. Life is in the shits. Don’t take this person for granted. It sounds like you still have a longing bond with each other. If it was me, I would totally take her up on her offer and hang out. Share the good news with her. Reminisce of the good old days. Don’t worry about any negative feelings. Just be thankful that you had someone in your life. It’s okay to process the emotions and don’t worry, it takes time and patience. You are coming to terms with yourself and are on your journey to acceptance. Once your journey is finished, it will give you leeway to take deep breaths and exhale. If fate is in the stars, then chances are you may run into each other again.

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Dec 8, 2023 at 2:28am

"After all this time." Message her. Sometimes it takes a few years between two people for it to be the right time. Maybe your story is one that is so familiar amongst people: the right person but the wrong time.

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