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I just want to confess. I have very close guy friends. I love my boys. In fact I tell them so often. Also, I cry sometimes and its ok. Lets not let dumb people on social media define what being a man is. A man can be many things: macho, tough, stoic, emotional, sensitive and many other things. Dont let stupid people tell you how to feel. Be true to yourself and love your brothers. That is all.


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Oct 10, 2023 at 5:01pm

Every woman I know wants a man who can freely express emotions that aren’t just anger. All human beings have emotions and repressing them isn’t healthy or effective. I think the reason so many men express anger and behave with violence is because they’ve been repressing other emotions and those emotions never go away, they just simmer until they explode. Learning to manage one’s emotions in a healthy way is a basic life skill for everyone.

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