Here we go again

Yup. They're at it again. Retailers going full force into Christmas decorations, email alerts to Christmas shopping, carols blasting at the stores. STOP IT ALREADY!! Disrespectful to our war vets and those serving now, can't you wait until after Remembrance Day? Can't you freakin' wait until October is over??!! Retailers, particularly large national chains may blame covid lock down for lagging sales. They may blame theft for lack of profits but the majority of people are on thrift store budgets and can't afford food let alone even think of shopping for Christmas so early in the season. The pressure this puts on those that are poverty stricken and even homeless is profound and only contributes to depression and hopelessness. I can't believe they can't even wait until Halloween is done.


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bleat, baa, baa maa, baaing, bleating and blat

Oct 31, 2023 at 1:22am

They know people are largely like children, compulsive, and need to consume. Dangle things under their noses and they will grab it. Most have been socialized from birth to do so.

This isn't Late Stage Capitalism anymore. Now it's End Stage Capitalism, the next 50 to 100 years are going to be unimaginably wild.

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Suffering store employees

Nov 1, 2023 at 2:48pm

I feel so bad for those in retail, restaurants, cafes etc. whose supervisors and managers (or corporate HQ) decides that staff needs to be subjected to non-stop Xmas music for nearly 2 months straight. I like Xmas music... but only for about a week or less. Mostly on Xmas eve and Xmas day. But TWO MONTHS of xmas music is a form of torture subjected upon hapless staff

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Nov 2, 2023 at 2:29pm

I agree with the comment on suffering employees. I register my complaints either verbally or in writing. If enough of us do this then it just might catch the attention of decision makers and stop the greed.

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This Majority

Nov 3, 2023 at 6:57am

"Of people are on thrift store budgets"
This is simply not true

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Nov 3, 2023 at 1:27pm

@This Majority
Go stand in line for the food bank, sure looks like a lot of people to me and more every week of all ages, families, little kids, seniors. There are a lot that don't qualify for the food bank who are poverty stricken and not obvious to the rest of us. Have some compassion dude.

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Nov 6, 2023 at 9:16am

I am also against the fetishization of Christmas, the continuous Christmas movie channel, the year round Christmas stores and the mass commercialization of what should be a reflective and kind time of the season for everybody, not just for Christians. Gift giving doesn't have to be a physical gift. Whatever happened to kindness and the generosity of love?

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Nov 7, 2023 at 8:47pm

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
It's not about the presents, it's about the giving of your heart this time of the year !
Get it ?

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