I knew it!

I just learned that this guy I was with for years was telling his sister all the details of my private life and saying things about me that aren’t true at all. I could tell that she was involved because some of the things he said sounded like it was her talking and not him because he’s not educated. Then I found out that it wasn’t only his sister he told but his mom too, so they both think they know me way better than they actually do. I don’t feel better knowing this even though it does feel a little bit validating. It makes me feel violated and sad because I trusted him with so much and of course a lot of what he said about me wasn’t even true and he always made himself out to be an innocent victim and never mentioned anything he did that created a lot of the problems we had. I wish I could tell them all what I know but if I did that I’d be breaking the trust of the person who told me and I promised I wouldn’t say anything. But it’s making me boil inside!

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