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Halloween has me thinking about masks. The ones I wear year round to fit into occasions and cover up vulnerabilities. A game face much like a hockey mask - hopefully less disconcerting than chainsaw aficionado Jason. Do I think baring my face is so unnerving it warrants an uncanny prosthetic personality? Uncomfortable for who though, myself or others? Maybe both. I shudder to think of being myself and honestly answering that awful question, ‘how are you?’. The truth feels overwhelming. What if on Halloween people went door to door and said something true about themselves? And instead of candy, acknowledgement and acceptance were doled out. Formidable. The trick to treat one another with kindness. Is that what Halloween is about? The opportunity to bare our greatest fears or desires through costume. To be seen and then rewarded for our efforts.


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Mrs. Voorhees

Oct 30, 2023 at 11:10pm

I would have said "less disconcerting than chainsaw aficionado Leatherface" rather than Jason who's more of a machete kinda guy, but I see your point.

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