Health Care System Lacking

Can't find a family doctor, no one is taking new patients. Doctors are like leprechauns you may see one crossing the road but you can't get an appointment with one. Walk in clinics no longer doing walk in appointments they are only seeing their own patients. But the signs outside their office still say walk in clinics. Now I hear the emergency room at the hospital has new hours 8am to 8 pm only for emergency care. What is going on? What happens if you get hurt at 9pm ? What are you supposed to do ? If you can't walk in to the emergency at the hospital, does that mean the only way to get care is by the ambulance bringing you in ? That's going to put a lot of pressure on the ambulance services, wait times will be ridiculous. And doesn't it cost to take a ride in the ambulance? Once again what's going on? Apparently don't get sick or have an accident ! You know how to get more doctors ? Free education for the medical profession that might interest people to get involved, become a doctor!! Ridiculous Health Care !!


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Honestly ?

Nov 27, 2023 at 10:03am

Really want to know ?

The hospital system can’t keep up with the staggering numbers of new Canadians. Birth tourism, people moving their elderly parents here who haven’t paid a nickel into the healthcare system but now they are here and need help. … it’s adds up. They shouldn’t be turned away but it’s a crumbling system because we care too much, and are supporting the whole world it feels like.

Meanwhile indigenous children and families don’t have access to clean water, or trauma informed medical practitioners and professionals. It’s pathetic.

Don’t know what the answer is, and not trying to be anti immigration… but we can’t afford to give free care to people who never paid into it. It’s killing us.

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Think about it

Nov 27, 2023 at 4:50pm

Who wants to go through 7 years of university studying the body, spend 5 minutes assessing a sick patients and then argue with the sick patient because they researched the internet? Or make an error and be sued for malpractice. I'd be on your side complaining no one wants to help

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I hear you...but

Nov 27, 2023 at 4:54pm

Most metro communities have primary urgent care centers to help offset ERs and for those who don't have family docs. I've used mine twice and am grateful. My doc just retired so was in the same boat but recently found a nurse practitioner taking patients. Hopefully you can find the same.

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Nov 27, 2023 at 11:18pm

Faced with being off work for a year- waiting 4 months for an MRI and 7 months for an operation on my knee- I went to Thailand.
Had it done instantly for $1600 by Western trained doctors in a hospital that makes anything in Canada look like a shack. My room was like a 4 star hotel room, not jammed in 8 to a room with curtains like here.

Then I stayed

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It’s broken

Nov 28, 2023 at 3:28am

Too many people and not enough money. The system encouraged doctors who would have been regular GP’s to go to the “walk-in” model instead because it was more financially lucrative. But thanks to the overwhelming influx of new people to the area, those clinics became overwhelmed. There needs to be many new clinics built and they need to make it more worthwhile for doctors to become family doctors. This is just one example of why unchecked immigration of people from other areas doesn’t work when the infrastructure isn’t there to handle it. People will be leaving their healthcare to the last minute when by that time it could be too late to make any difference. Ultimately this will wind up costing the medical system more in the long run, because emergency medical care is more expensive than proactive medical care.

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Kipawa Harder

Nov 28, 2023 at 9:01am

When you open your arms to immigration numbers the country can not handle, this is bound to happen. We cannot provide care for those who have lived here all of their lives, yet we continue to hear terms like 'densification'. This is making me sick. Oh wait, better not get sick...

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@ It's broken

Nov 28, 2023 at 3:26pm

Quit blaming immigrants. The BC Libs (Clark) years ago tore up contracts and were warned about the way they were treating the doctors and nurses like crap. Current provincial govt didn't do enough to fix things. Covid was the final straw and all those idiot anti-vaxxxers. The nurses union warned the Libs eons ago that nurses were getting to retirement age and needed new recruits and training spaces. Never happened. Now WE are paying the price so get your facts straight.

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Nov 29, 2023 at 9:57am

free education? no. but maybe it would be helpful to let Canadians study medicine instead of selling out our universities to international students who pay higher tuition but have no interest in ever practicing medicine in Canada.

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@@its broken

Nov 29, 2023 at 6:29pm

Maybe read a little closer to what I said. “Immigrants” includes anyone not born here. Including people from other countries AND other parts of Canada. There are far too many people here now for the infrastructure that presently exists. The federal government welcomes more and more people with little care given to the areas of the country who are paying the consequences of that decision. Vancouver is a destination city thanks to our physical location, and as a result we are suffering from far too many people. There is a colossal housing crisis, not enough transit, and our medical system is in complete collapse. This was not the case when the population was lower. It’s not rocket science. I’m not saying that your point isn’t valid, but the main issue is the massive influx of new people.

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They are working to fix it (Source: I work in healthcare)

Dec 5, 2023 at 8:23pm

BCEHS hired hundreds of paramedics this year and implemented a system for low acuity patients to receive care when needed. If you get injured late at night you can literally call 911 and tell them “Its not an emergency but I am hurt. I need help.” and they will do their best to help you. They will give you options and referrals if needed.

The system isn’t perfect but trust me, it’s improving, and there are people actively trying to make it better for both practitioners and patients. We see you, we hear you, your grievances are not going unnoticed.

Understand that we want to take care of you, and we have asked for better tools and resources to do so. We will continue to advocate for ourselves and for you.

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