I had always been cocky. Always flexing, always going to the gun show. Not conceited just full of self strength and passion through sports. That shit went dormant for 2+ years. Really, it was last winter where I lived many things did not open up the same, plus with similar tough openings as everywhere else. I moved cities, I uprooted my life. I was comfortable, but I had lost things mattered. I have one more day left before the winter break of a current season of sports. I've been flexing for the last 3 or so weeks non stop. No injuries, no excuses, not all days have been good and being rusty and out of shape is tough on the self conscious.... but holy shit getting recreational sports back is and was worth the plight. I loved where I lived but I lost what I loved about life. Dreams about sacrifice. I did not have the belief in myself I could uproot and move, but here I am. My Christmas in years flexing in full effects.

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