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Telling someone you’re sorry they feel that way or you’re sorry they’re in pain isn’t an apology. If someone has told you in explicit detail what it was that you did that caused them to not want to be with you, ignoring all of that and refusing to acknowledge or accept any accountability is classic sociopathic behaviour. So if this happens to you with more than one person, and you still don’t get it, I think you’re the problem.


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But why do we become @"you're the problem" ?

Jan 24, 2024 at 11:54am

We live in an increasingly traumatized World and our priority is to learn to i.d. with the Universal positive life energy. Vancouver is blessed with this being the home of Dr. Gabor Maté. Suggest one and all check his teachings .... OCM - Sto-lo Coast Salish acknowledgements of your intrinsic worthiness.

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Jan 24, 2024 at 12:00pm

My ex-husband used to say it to me: "I'm sorry you feel that way." I call it a 'non-ology' - it's not an apology, it's basically just saying that he thought I was being too sensitive, which doesn't address the issues raised. And always said with a sneer. I've since read that it's a common technique used by people with narcissistic traits, because of course, the problem is never them, it's us.

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