I was seeing this guy that I was completely in love with on and off for a couple of years, but he was never willing to move anything to the next level, and he never said he loved me either. I was losing interest in being available for this guy’s constant game playing, so when another guy started showing a lot of interest in me, I was intrigued. I wound up ending things with Mr unavailable (not because of the other guy, but because we just fought too much and nothing was changing) and was single for a couple of months before I agreed to go out with the other guy just to see how I would feel. After 2-3 dates with the other guy I realized that I just wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped seeing him, and never dated him again. The first guy and I wound up seeing each other again a few months later, but it never led to anything solid and we split up for good. I recently had a conversation with him about what went down between us and he still believes that I “cheated” on him. But how can you cheat on someone who treats you like a casual f-buddy? He even called me his friend, not his girlfriend, but he still expected me to act like his wife or something! The audacity of someone to think that they own you, even if they don’t really want you themselves, is unbelievable.


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However us human peoples landed on this planet

Jan 30, 2024 at 10:47am

we were obviouly created to live in coherent families and, in the grand loving scheme of things, there are no 'throw away' peoples. The proper loving partner is out there for everyone who goes about finding that partner in the realistic way .... OCM Sto:lo Salishan good vibez. <><><><> From that classic pop song by Sonny James.' Young Love' .... They say for every boy and girl
There's just one love in this whole world
And I know I've found mine
The heavenly touch of your embrace
Tells me no one could take your place
Ever in my heart
Young love (young love), first love (first love)
Filled with true devotion
Young love (young love), our love (our love)
We share with deep emotion
Just one kiss from your sweet lips
Will tell me that your love is real
And I can feel that it's true
We will vow to one another
There will never be another
Love for you or for me
Young love (young love), first love (first love)
Filled with true devotion
Young love (young love), our love (first love)
We share with deep emotion

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It's sad

Jan 30, 2024 at 12:41pm

I have found some men think you are theirs, a possession. Even if you have a one night stand and sometimes when you have never been intimate. They think of women as chattel. It's a strange way to think of another human being.

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Misogynists like these

Jan 30, 2024 at 2:45pm

Are a dime a dozen. Be glad you cut ties. You know your worth, because you owe it to yourself.

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The grass is only greener where you water it

Jan 31, 2024 at 12:31am

Can't have what you want and don't want what you have.
Sounds like a power trip( insert personality disorder here) and something to gaslight you with to hold it over you.
Hopefully you see this experience as one where your relationships only grow if both parties are willing. Those rose coloured glasses came off and you saw the light.

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Its a sorry symptom of this perilous sick hurting World

Jan 31, 2024 at 4:56pm

That anyone would downvote the previous post in this string. The post signed off: OCM - the Coast Salish word for Good Vibes. Suggest you net-search 'The Butterfly Effect.' (Not to be confused by a horror movie of the same name.) The philosophy of the Butterfly Effect is the opposite of the increasing horrors on Planet Earth. On the collective level It is the Medicine our immature human species needs to avert a very likely WW3. On the personal level it is the Medicine that touches the heart of all in the pain of trauma recovery .... Much <3 ... OCM

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@It’s sad

Jan 31, 2024 at 10:10pm

Yes, exactly. In fact I’ve never met one that doesn’t think that if you have sex with them you belong to them! Even the ones that swear they’re fine with a no strings attached arrangement, apparently that’s only for them. They’re supposed to have all the freedom but that doesn’t apply to you. I used to be naive enough to believe that the double standards around sexual relationships were passé, but I realized that not only are they alive and well, but they’re even worse than ever! Women have evolved while men have devolved.

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