Longest month of my life

My company made me move to my current workplace a month ago. I am extremely unhappy and the only thing giving me hope is waiting for an announcement of when I’ll be able to return to the original worksite where I belong. My new coworkers are under the impression that we were moved there to do their work and make their lives easier but we have our own stuff to do. I hate going there and it sickens me. Some of the bosses are super shady and are only doing this for profits, not proper care. If there’s no announcement of us returning, I am SO gone! Thinking of changing careers. Different life purpose needed. This is draining me. Longest, worst month ever. Hope to be outta there in less than a couple months. I am too young to live like this, hating my current situation. Work is supposed to be something you look forward to. It used to be. Please let it be again. What a nightmare.


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Jan 14, 2024 at 2:41am

If you’re not happy where you are, just go work somewhere else. You’re not a tree.

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