Man singing softly

I was taking the bus home from downtown today when I heard a voice start singing softly the lyrics from a song I vaguely knew. He sounded older, his accent neither European nor Asian nor Latin I could not place. I resisted the urge to turn around to take a look at the singer, worrying it would be impolite or intimidating to stare. I continued to cradle two bags full of groceries on my lap and kept my gaze fixed the world beyond the window. Then as the man's voice continued, the words and lilting tune fell into place in my mind: he was singing a song by the Arctic Monkeys, "Don't Wanna Know". "Crawling back to you...I'm sorry to interrupt / It's just I'm constantly on the cuff ... I don't know if you feel the safe as I do..." I started singing the melody softly, remembering a moment, years ago when I was attending university, seeing many people's laptops with an Arctic Monkeys sticker on the cover at the library. As the bus pulled past Main St-Science World Station, the singer's voice fell silent, and the stop thereafter was where he stepped off. I'm listening to the song right now as I type this, the drum beat and bass guitar riffs fixing me in time, in this moment. I did manage to catch a glimpse of his face before he exited the bus; he was Indigenous, and was wearing pink-coloured headphones over his ears, and he thanked the bus driver. Thank you for bringing this song out of the depths of my memory, for showing your humanness amongst strangers, that helped rescue my bus ride from a grey one of journeying through the city through slush and cold, to one of remembering beauty.


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Jan 22, 2024 at 11:06am

I loved reading this.

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Wonderful post

Jan 22, 2024 at 11:29am

We need more of this. Music and good vibes, a whole World to be.

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Jan 24, 2024 at 7:14am

Another “where’s Waldo”

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