Not everything is as it seems

This place can be confusing. Lots of people saying things that sound like my situation but not quite. So it’s hard when you are someone who’s been badly hurt so many times that you tend to think everything is about you. I know it’s not but still, there’s always that lingering worry. People who have been so badly hurt are like a wounded animal afraid to trust because we’ve trusted the wrong people in the past. People who pretended to be trustworthy but weren’t. The ones who were supposed to love us the most were the ones who hurt us the most. So remember, everything is not as it seems and there’s a lot of hurting people.


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I realize…

Jan 22, 2024 at 5:21pm

That that is very true. I will react and say things here… but logically know that this land is like make believe. I NEVER let it influence my reality…

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Duality "I've found out the hard way that everything's not a

Jan 23, 2024 at 11:51am

Slipknot said this to me through my headphones thank you. You have just told me that they first, and I agreed and now you to that they were right. Now who told them is not in my scope of knowledge.

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