I’m so glad I no longer live in Montreal anymore. Aside from the authentic European foods and some dear family members that passed away, I don’t miss anything about the city I grew up in. The roads are broken. The education system is shitty. Don’t even get me started on the French. They are a lot more racist than ever. Sure, BC is more expensive to live in, make no mistake about that. But I’ve been here for over 25 years and I feel like this province is truly my home. I love it here very much and I appreciate what I have.


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My boomer parents

Jan 15, 2024 at 11:41am

will occasionally wax rhapsodic about Montreal back in the 60's. How Expo 67 was so cool, how Montreal was vibrant, inclusive, thriving, diverse. Times have changed and it's an unfriendly place, with crumbling sidewalks and bridges. Everything looks dated and dilapidated. Not in a hurry to ever go back.

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Expo 67

Jan 16, 2024 at 8:15pm

As youngsters our family went to Expo 67 on a shoe string budget. Coffee was an outrageous 50 cents a cup at the French Pavillion - can you imagine?!! But what I remember most was when we went to a small corner store in Montreal. The owner swore at us and kicked us out. Why? Because we were anglophones. Yes, that really happened. I was 10 years old and my brothers were younger. How 'welcoming'. =(

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Jan 18, 2024 at 8:51pm

Montreal just gets worse and worse. It used to be a fun, vibrant and tolerant city. Now it is just the opposite.

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