Sometimes I get mad at my kids for doing (or not doing) something my dad (or mom) would have taught me by now. But what I'm really mad at is the fact that my husband appears to not have taught them very much by now, because he doesn't often look up from his computer or phone. I get mad at my kids for something my husband hasn't taught them! That's messed!


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absentee parent

Jan 15, 2024 at 2:02pm

when a parent doesn't participate in raising their children then they may as well be living in another land. perhaps counselling might help? maybe not but it's not fair for one parent to carry the load and it's not fair to the kids either.

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Jan 16, 2024 at 3:00am

I’m sure there will be some people saying that you should just teach them yourself then, which would be the wrong thing to say. Your husband has as much responsibility for teaching your children that you do, but unfortunately they often get a pass from society with the typical “boys will be boys” garbage that’s designed to keep women quiet. If you complain about that behaviour/ attitude you’re accused of being a nag, which further reinforces the concept that women should just accept it and be quiet. But women should not be quiet. They should keep on insisting on equal partnerships in relationships and especially when it comes to raising children. Kids learn a lot just from observing how their parents behave, and what they’re being taught in your situation is that women tolerate disrespect and unfairness and men get to do what they want. Not exactly a good thing to teach a child. So lead by example and let your husband know that his behaviour needs to change if he wants the relationship to continue. Otherwise your resentment will grow and that will also negatively impact your children. Trust me because I was you once, and it definitely did affect my children in a negative way.

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Awe for crap sake…

Jan 24, 2024 at 7:34am

YES kids need equal parenting… but drop your ego and help your kid.

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