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I knew two guys that used to be best friends since childhood but fell apart years later. One grew up in a strict God fearing religious household. The other hid in the closet for many years until after grad. The religious guy didn't take it very well when he learned of this news. He even deliberately excluded his closest friend from his own wedding. Once he realized cutting his friend off from the guest list was wrong, he learned to accept that person whom he is. Eventually, they made up but still, the damage has been done since those two no longer talk to each other anymore. It's not good to judge your close friends based on their personal beliefs. You can have a difference of opinion but it's best to be respectful of one another. Real friends can't be bought.


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Interesting story

Jan 15, 2024 at 9:45am

This reminds me of my teenage hood when I went to a youth group out in the country many moons ago. We had this gay youth leader. He had insight and taught us many things about the Bible. We could tell he seemed flamboyant but we didn’t care. He was by far, one of the nicest people it’s ever been my pleasure to come across. We had great times together, but when the head honchos in church found out he was gay, they basically formed a coop against him. So the poor guy went on out. Sad how things ended. I sure hope he’s doing well and in a good space.

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I had a similar story in my younger years

Jan 15, 2024 at 9:58am

but sadly it ended in a very tragic way. I had a best friend who was a 'closet gay' but didn't know it because we thought he was like minded in in our skirt chasing circle of buddies. But eventually one time he confided in me in a way that I know see was his reach-out for help in his life. I didn't cast him away but sadly I didn't have a clue as to how to comfort or help him. He did then drift away and a few years later I heard he committed suicide. Now I feel very sad that I wasn't mature enough to have reached out and maintained the friendship. Who knows? Perhaps if I'd done so he would have been able to keep his life.

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Jan 15, 2024 at 11:47am

I had a really close girlfriend in high school and we went away to different universities after graduation. We gradually fell out of touch due to the long distance. I later found out that she had come out. I was really surprised. I was happy for her that she had come out, but I also felt somewhat saddened. She had hidden a huge part of her identity and her life from everyone in high school. I understand that high school was not a safe space for her, and it's sad. Another mutual friend of ours did not take the news well. Not because this woman was a lesbian, but because she felt deceived and duped. I hope she's doing well and I wish her well.

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