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My political views have changed drastically the past two years. At this point I’m done with politics altogether and just enjoy being an independent thinker. At most my views are pretty left while having a few right-leaning views here and there. That being said, all politics do is just bring out the worst in everyone and divide this already very divided province further. It’s not worth the stress I need in my life or the blood pressure levels I need jacking up. Frankly I’m not looking forward to this year’s provincial election with the possibility that it’s just going to be another Eby vs. Falcon election. That’s the thing with politics. People are set in their ways and don’t change their minds if things are presented right in front of them. From my experience, it’s best to just let people learn things themselves. The only thing I honestly look forward to is opening a bottle of white wine to help me get through the annoyance known as Provincial Election Day. We’ll see what happens when the day comes. But otherwise, I look forward to it just coming and going and see where our province goes from there.


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Funny thing about politics

Jan 22, 2024 at 12:21pm

Most the politicians don't believe in their own political rhetoric. They all have the same private corporate masters and same private corporate agendas all handed down through the privately owned central banks. If I bother to vote next time I'm tempted just to write the name Jesus on the ballot with a check by His Name.

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Jan 22, 2024 at 6:03pm

Maybe it age that does this. I used to believe that things would change for the better, until reality made it obvious that the money people have made that impossible. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist type, and it’s not that I believe they’re all conspiring together to ensure that the rest of us are enslaved. More like they’re all out for themselves but they have so much f’ing money that voting is kind of useless against them. Politicians might start out believing and with the genuine intention of not being bought, but the system they have to work in makes that all but impossible. I hate feeling this jaded and cynical and I feel sad for the idealistic young person I once was. I want to believe, but I’m afraid I just can’t.

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Jan 23, 2024 at 10:28am

This is how it works when you live in a political backwater.

You are given 2 ridiculous choices, and no matter who is in power, the governing is incompetent.

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