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Someone wrote a very classy post on here, saying how there’s nothing worse than watching someone shares their thoughts through the filter of what other people are doing. Not sure what type of experience you had, but you basically described my coworker. No one likes him. He’s very persistent when it comes to personal questions and does nothing, but bombard people with gossip. A lot of my colleagues are fed up with him. He shouldn’t even be working for our company anymore. If I was one of the higher ups, that person would’ve been terminated a long time ago. Boy, it amazes me how some people in the workplace are, without a doubt, unprofessional. Thankfully, he hasn’t contacted me in a while. But if he does, so, I’ll just tell him to get a life and block his number.


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I Second That

Feb 21, 2024 at 12:48pm

I unfortunately had a co-worker that behaved the same. Got his kicks out of gossiping and starting rumors, making up stories to sit back and see how fast it spread. Too bad he didn't put all that energy into the JOB he was being paid to do. To think he was also a father. What a role model!

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@I Second That

Feb 23, 2024 at 8:48pm

Normal minded people talk about events and ideas. Small minded people talk about others. And people like that are pathetic losers who should absolutely be AVOIDED at all costs. It's best not to have any contact with them.

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