My mustardy amazon experience

They threw two giant containers of mustard over my fence gate instead of opening it... This happened twice. They exploded each time. They refunded the mustard twice as well. I wonder what's going on in this crazy Amazon world. Instead of delivering the package, they would rather destroy it and refund it because of a greater profit margin. Hooray :-) I'm not too sure what would happen if they delivered KFC chicken, but it would be quite a unique delivery experience. Bucket of chicken everywhere on my lawn!


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Don't Worry

Feb 26, 2024 at 11:42am

There'd be zero chicken on your lawn, the crows would have it cleaned up in about 2 minutes. If at night- the raccoons.

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Feb 27, 2024 at 8:57pm

There's a lot of pressure on the DSPs to perform well otherwise they risk getting their contract pulled, and this pressure winds up trickling down to us drivers, in the name of safety and damaged product.

Amazon is notorious for exploiting its labour, haven't you been paying attention to the news?

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