We are all Ukrainian in the fight for democracy

The real and/or perceived decline in support for Ukraine is dangerous and potentially devastating. The impact on democracy goes beyond Ukraine and Europe. Supporting Ukrainians here and in Europe is the best investment we could make to oppose a ruthless dictator who is hell bent on bringing chaos, death and destruction to the civilized world. Fascism is waging a war against our will to resist it just as it wages a war on the people of Ukraine. Just as thousands of Ukrainians are murdered in arial bombardment, our consciousness (and conscience) is also targeted. We all know or should know that Russia's war of aggression includes much more than mass murder of innocent civilians in its illegal invasion. It includes war crimes: systemic rape, torture, the mass abduction of children. It's been said that "the only thing for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." In America, the inaction in Congress to unlock Ukraine aid is directly linked to current territorial losses and a dire future for Ukraine. The apparent funding blockade by a Trump aligned House speaker seems poised to sacrifice Ukraine just to deny President Biden a military/political victory. In Canada, we also see partisan politics against the interests of Ukraine with divisions about either lack of support or the nature of it and these are amplified by party faithful. Others work to undermine support with fatalism or misguided cost benefit analysis, apathy, and antagonism. Ukraine is the perfect place for the western world to take a stand for life, liberty, democracy and justice. These are the values that Canadians have always fought for whether against Nazis and Fascists of World War 2 or the authoritarian regimes of the cold war. Don't we have a responsibility to assist on a most basic human level if nothing else not just for the Ukrainian or European future but for ours! Isolation is the politics of abandonment. Abandonment has only two conclusions. It either ends when all is lost or when we decide to "abandon the abandonment." I confess that I do not know who what is the precise cause of our current domestic isolationism. However, I am very certain that Ukrainians need and deserve support. On a humanitarian level, in a struggle that is as close to good versus evil that we may ever witness: we are all Ukrainians now whether we know it or not.


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Yes the Ukraine tragedies are sad

Feb 29, 2024 at 3:11pm

And now the media has moved on to make the warfare between the Abrahamic cousins in the Levant to be todays headlines. But why is there little on no media about all the other tragic conflicts going on in Somalia, Rwanda, Pakistan and the recent slaughter of 1 1/2 million in N. China?

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Feb 29, 2024 at 4:47pm

... truly wonder how people become as brainwashed as OP. The world has all sorts of territorial skirmishes, all of the time. The Ukraine one is a "big deal" because USA sees it as a foreign policy goal, to destabilize the region, so that USA's interests can be met. As Victoria Nuland said most of the money in aid just goes back to US defense contractors. So really, the issue is welfare for US defense contractors, on the pretext that failing to have large amounts of $$$ go to US Defense Contractors is a threat to "The Our Democracy."

I also note that OP does not use the phrase "democracy" in the dictionary sense. What OP means is "The Our Democracy," which is a proper noun, and it is not only about popular sovereignty, it is about a constellation of values inaugurated post WWII as a sort of "end of history" whereby there is to be an endless "progress" toward the perpetual and total domination of the values of "The Our Democracy." Any time an issue comes up where you are told "there is only one way to think about this, democracy is at stake," you can be sure this is not democracy, but The Our Democracy.

In a democracy, people are free to hold any view whatsoever, and those views are then enacted (or not) via popular institutions governed by universal suffrage. There is no limitation on the sovereignty of the people. This is not the post WWII order of The Our Democracy. The Our Democracy sees certain values as "non-negotiable" and that the only acceptable "progress" is to implement those values---we have seen a continual march on this front since the end of WWII, with decolonization, end to apartheid, gay marriage, trans rights, etc. It's suppsoed to be a uni-directional "progress" directed by "experts" who form the actual Ruling Class of The Our Democracy.

They even have a word they use for democratically espoused views that disagree with, "populist." So democracy, in The Our Democracy, refers to a set of values, not to a process for deciding which value will prevail in society.

The West has much bigger problems than allowing USA to use Ukraine as a pipeline for graft to its defense contractors, 10q so very much.

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The war in Ukraine...

Feb 29, 2024 at 5:17pm

Is now passe...the war in the Middle East is now the in thing....people care more about that than the war in Ukraine

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Slava Ukraini

Feb 29, 2024 at 6:17pm

I'm surprised this got posted because it's more of an editorial than a confession but I'm glad it did. I agree with everything you say 100%. I was able to take a 20th century history class the last year it was offered before graduating high school. This invasion has brought back so many flashbacks of everything we learned about the run-up to the Second World War. We had just come out of a long, costly war and the public had zero appetite for anything military related. Right wingers decided that we need to mind our own business and not get involved in outside conflicts. Even worse, a lot of right wingers actually sympathized with autocrats and thought they were right! Some guy named Adolph recognized that the democratic world wouldn't step in to stop him, so he kept invading countries. When that war ended, some guy named Joseph took over a bunch of neighboring countries and used them as colonies to exploit. The new guy, Vladimir, really wants to be the reincarnation of the latter.
The thing is, the Ukrainians aren't even asking for foreign troops. They are totally willing to fight their own battles!
They're just asking for supplies. That's it.
Canada is a small country without much to give. The cold hard truth is that we need Americans to step up here. Trouble is that a lot of American right wingers are going though a "blood and soil" phase. They think that the West is being taken over by Third World immigrants (savages) and that Russia is the last pure white stronghold. And Putin, who has also cracked down on LGBT rights, is a necessary strongman who will protect "Western civilization" from a scary, perceived left wing other. In fact, a lot of people in right wing media have been promoting Putin for years.
I agree that support for Ukraine should be easy and uncontroversial. It really is good versus evil. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of people choose to align with evil over good.

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People are exhausted

Feb 29, 2024 at 6:56pm

I don’t think it’s that people don’t care, it’s that we’re all so exhausted from the non stop onslaught of horrible news. The Israel Palestine situation took over from the Ukrainian war, that’s all. I think most of us are just so tired trying to cope with the awful things we’ve all had to cope with for the past few years, that many have just become numb.

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We ARE all Ukraine

Feb 29, 2024 at 7:10pm

While POOtin has been on power, Russia has never been a friend to the free world. We must stand with Ukraine without even a second thought. It is beyond obvious and I have no idea why anyone should think otherwise. The threat to democracy everywhere is imminent.

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Feb 29, 2024 at 8:58pm

Delusion at it's finest.

And so we have to depend on the absolutely corrupt USA, plus the Justin Trudeau authoritarian regime to defend us against former Communist/now Christian Russia?

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Look OP

Feb 29, 2024 at 10:20pm

Please look into things a little.
The reason why Republicans-or what you'd call "Trumpers"- have shot down those bills, is because the Democrats have tied in other things with the security bill which includes Ukraine aid. They try to sneak in things, or ignore other things, in other words.
The Republicans mainly want to add in tighter border rules, to stem the thousands of illegals pouring over the southern border every day- despite the Democrats not interested for some reason. In the meantime crime has shot up, etc.

You haven't mentioned how the Democrats during Covid stalled out Covid relief for months, wanting to tie in all sorts of benefits for their voters ie writing of all education debt. BTW how is that fair for all the people who have paid their debts?

Get it?

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Mar 7, 2024 at 2:24pm

The Ukraine war is a massive military conflict on a scale not seen in Europe since WW2, not an isolated regional "skirmish." The full scale invasion is the most visceral example in a pattern of bloody campaigns (Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine's Crimea and Donbas regions.)

It follows a formula of hybrid war that begins with disinformation campaigns like the ones now being conducted in the following African nations: Libya, Mali, Niger, Sudan,Burkina Fasi, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and S. Africa.

Imagine the scale of famine that could occur if Russia had been successful in destroying Ukrainian food supplies and what the future might mean if vulnerable people are held hostage through the weaponization of food.

We saw the same tactic to weaponize energy at the onset of the full scale invasion that went beyond trying to freeze the Ukrainians into submission. Russia's plan was to hold Europe hostage with selective energy denial or energy supply at exorbitant cost to fund its war machine. This war machine not only dominates the domestic economy. It now also draws to total war from the autocracies of Iran and North Korea. Knowing that Ukraine relies on western support, Russia spreads conspiracy disinformation to target the flow of EU and US aid to a democracy that is simply trying to defend its land and its people.

Isolationists want to pretend that Putin's ambitions began with Ukraine, when Russia's actions show a wider context and plan.

Ukraine was a well armed nuclear power in 1990. In 1994, Ukraine relinquished its arms for peace and security guarantees from the UK, the US, and Russia!

If we really want Russian aggression to stop at Ukraine, the solution is to enable the Ukrainians to stop (and ideally) reverse the invasion as exemplified by the expulsion of Soviet forces from Afghanistan. The isolationist policy of appeasement led to Germany (and Russia!) to attack Poland in 1939. The best way to avoid a repeat is to provide Ukraine with assistance now as part of a coalition. We also need to prepare the deterrence that we will likely need both in the very near future and beyond. Nobody likes what's happening but we are better to face it now. For every Canadian, we have an endangered Ukrainian. Where would they go: 4O million people

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