Why is it

Every aspect of human life now has toxins added to it ? Everything ! You trying to get rid of us ?


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I believe so

Feb 23, 2024 at 7:07pm

Yes they're trying to get rid of all us humans but the question is; who are they? Are they really human? Are UFO's real? How advance is their artificial intelligence and is their cloning technology far more advanced than ours? Are they capable of abducting a person out of society and then replacing that person with a cloned replica? If it's possible then would it not also be probable? If it's probable then what positions in society would they target to infiltrate? All money, power, and influence would be my guess.

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Feb 24, 2024 at 7:59am

So you have to pay more for the non-toxic version.

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Studies have shown

Feb 26, 2024 at 10:55pm

You'll get cancer writing to strangers on the internet about your opinion. Its why I use AI now, the ultimate internet troll, and reduced risk of cancer.

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@I believe so

Feb 29, 2024 at 5:19pm

There are certainly some really wild things that exist that the majority aren't (surfacely) aware of, but just because something is possible doesn't make it probable.

@Why is it

I think a lot of the physical toxicity of the modern world are unfortunate results of the various industrial revolutions, multiplied by apathy from the "top", collective ignorance, and the fact that as human beings, we aren't evolved or adapted to be able to well handle massive technological innovation and implementation that happens in (historically) short time spans.

Some of it is intentional for sure though, sadly.

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