Colder and colder

Sure the weather is cold and dreary. But everyone seems to be acting much colder too, unusually cold, needlessly cold. I was on a bus and a guy was seated in front of me with a sign to give it up for elders or the disabled. All these really old chinese people got on and he was bust sending texts, ignoring them all. I would have given up my seat if i wasn't in agonizing pain with a back operation approaching. Standing is hell, standing on a bus bouncing around is worse. I felt like nobody gives a damn about anyone. Like everyone is lost in narcissism. You may think i sound suicidal but i would never have the courage to do that. Id screw it up and make my life far worse. That's just an aside as to why i applied for M.A.I.D. I will probably be denied, knowing my luck, due to all my issues being invisible to others and gritting my teeth and baring the enormous pain i feel regularly. Its like dental nerve pain all through my arms, legs, shoulders and head. My life sucks. Yes. But i wouldn't want to be here anyway if i felt fine. P.s. the world needs to send a message to all governments that murder is not acceptable.


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The word 'Narcissist"

Mar 1, 2024 at 9:11pm

Is way overused these days that it's lost all its meaning.

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Last Days

Mar 2, 2024 at 12:29am

The love on many will grow cold. You won't be denied MAID. It's not just the people on the bus that are cold. All our politicians and institutions are cold as well. We're living in dark times. I hope you find a light at the end of your tunnel.

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We humans share both similarities and diversities

Mar 2, 2024 at 4:42pm

My solution to the life threatening health challenges I've faced and dealt with may not be the same as the OPs. As a young man I read the first Straight newspaper in 1967 so that officially makes me an aging geezer and in the last few years I've experienced increasingly painful arthritic attacks and a variety of other serious medical issues. Thankfully I twigged onto the food intake teachings called 'calorie reduction' and 'intermittent fasting.' And Wallah! instant relief in both my physical pains and also some emotional challenges. In our society there is an epidemic of obesity and the related issues of early onset diseases due to junk chemical and over-sugared fraud foods and also now its becoming known the much of the food wraps are full of the extremely toxic poisons called 'Forever Chemicals.' This information is easily verified by speaking to the few conscious medical doctors and those genuine Spiritual Elders who remember the ancient sways. As well this info is also readily available via Dr. Google and an abundance of peer-reviewed medical science research articles. Walk good Sisters and Brothers .... OCM Coast Salish affirmations..

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Mar 3, 2024 at 7:44pm

The guy on the bus- how do you know whether he was healthy or not?

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