To pretend to love someone to spare there feelings only makes it worse. Be honest about how you feel. Don't lie,pretend ,or sleep with them. Because in the end you only destroy them completely. And that is cruel. It's confusing and it's honestly f**king evil.


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Many moons ago

Mar 15, 2024 at 2:57pm

Many, many moons ago I lived through the exact same thing with someone. They played with my heart and then one day, without warning, just up and disappeared. So, I wrote them more or less the exact same you did, and then some, in a long-winded email. I cried so hard as I typed it that my eyes stung and my face went scarlet red. They never replied, either. The hum-dinger is, I actually loved them, hence the hurt. All I recall closing the email with were the words: "do yourself and everyone else a favour by figuring yourself and your shit out, and never do onto others what you just did to me." Yes, I realized that I couldn't force them to love me, nor could I force myself not to love them. That said, it've been nice were they to have looked me in the face and break up, rather than just falling silent and pretending as though I never existed. A lack of goodbye is cruel. That was the first time in my life I'd discovered that silence could be deafening. Nonetheless, I don't hate them. I've forgiven them even if I've never seen their face since. All I hope is that in the end they did get their crap together and learned how to treat their successive lover(s) better. The funny thing is, we never slept together. But the love, or love-like feeling they left inside my heart was so intense that it burned like a shooting star on a humid August night out in the sticks. I hear your anguish. Be well.

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Cruel to be kind

Mar 16, 2024 at 8:39pm

That’s the right thing to do, even if you know it’s going to hurt them. You have to let them down because to do otherwise just prolongs the inevitable, and causes them more pain in the long run. People who just keep on using someone even when they know they don’t share their feelings, are the worst. Don’t f*** with someone’s heart.

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