Yes, I've Told Her Im In love With her

she doesn't seem to care much. She speculated that it is lust. I told her lust is a part of love. the truth is , I love the way i feel when shes around. i want to be near her always. Sure, she happens to be georgeous but I think if she wasn't so gorgeous she'd realize that yes, I do in fact love her. I wish people would take me at my word. I don't lie. I despise liars, you can't trust them at all. I trust myself.


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That should be a red flag for you

Mar 22, 2024 at 5:12pm

You should tell her if she's looking for some kind of pure love she better find Jesus and not put those demands of perfection on you. She'll hold you to a higher standard than she does herself and the rest of humanity. If I were you, I'd walk away and not look back.

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Do you though?

Mar 23, 2024 at 5:45am

I’ve had men claim to love me, but when pressed to tell me what it was about me they loved, it was always about how I looked, what I did for them, how they felt about themselves when they were around me. Not about me as a person and the particular qualities I possess. I’ve found that relationships with men have been completely transactional, because it was always about what I could do for them or how having me as their partner made them look to other men. Like most of the women I know, I wanted real connection with these men on a deeper level, but they just wanted to possess me. Ultimately those relationships left me feeling lonely, and I can feel less lonely when actually living alone than when living with someone who doesn’t actually see me or hear me. A relationship has to offer a lot more than just having another person in the room with me to make interrupting my peace worth it.

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