Dear parents

I can only speak through my own experiences, however I’d like to offer some advice to those out there who have children with Autism. Don’t force your children to want friends. If they want friends, put them in a situation where they’ll be able to find some. Once they feel comfortable, then they’ll gradually learn the ropes on their own. If your kids don’t like something, there’s a good chance they never will, especially if you keep pushing it upon them. Leave them to find their own interests and they’ll be happier about themselves.


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Good advice

Apr 25, 2024 at 3:24am

It’s not just for children with autism however. Every child should be treated this way. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by people all the time. There are lots of kids who are more introverted or who are happier with only one or two friends. Offer your children opportunities and guidance, but never try to force them into being social if they’re not comfortable with it.

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