Test of patience

Did you ever encounter someone who was so thoroughly obnoxious in their routine behaviour that it defied credulity? I have such a person as my neighbour. Everything they do is obnoxious. They can’t go out of or into a door without slamming it. They are totally inconsiderate of others in the building by monopolizing the laundry room, holding loud drunken smoke-filled conversations right outside the windows of other residents, leaving their garbage in the hallways, etc. Every time I think they’ve reached a peak of rudeness, they top it with something else. The last thing I want is to have to complain to the property manager because that rarely ends well. I just live in hope now that they will move out before I’m driven to enact some kind of revenge. I’m a peaceful person and a considerate neighbour and I just want to live in peace. What is wrong with people like this? .


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Suggest everyone

Apr 4, 2024 at 9:28am

See the first 'Planet of the Apes' movie. And above all, don't make things worse by seeking revenge. Practice using higher psych-ology on less evolved.

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I've met that person

Apr 4, 2024 at 11:55am

every day I look in the mirror.

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Please complain

Apr 5, 2024 at 12:06am

I have similar such neighbours. I rent in a strata. I am taking the strata to court for failing to enforce the bylaws. They do nothing to stop these horrible people.

Seriously screw these tacky, rude neighbours. Why should they get to foul up everything? I low-key despise them. We have this thing called "right to quiet enjoyment". We have the legal upper hand because we are the nice, polite, quiet people.

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@the first 'Planet of the Apes' movie

Apr 5, 2024 at 9:55am

The main two existential theories of why the peoples of Planet Earth are so dysfunctional: 1) The Human race is scientifically identified as one of the five species of 'Great Apes'; comprised of Gorillas, Orangatangs, Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Humans (or wannabe Humans). and 2) A default happened amongst certain Celestial Elders who were supposed to help life on Planet Earth but they missuesed their free will and went bat-sh*t crazy hybridizing with the Humans and creating a race of what Buddhism identifies as 'Hungry Ghosts.' However it goes, IMO life is beautiful and we are all only on this planet for a minute so lets make the best of it by helping ourselves through the positive love energy of helping others; and following the principle of 'Do No Harm.' OCM Sto:lo Coast Salish positive affirmations .... ps: do y'all know of GrandFather Chief Dan George? Suggest you read his words of inspiration.

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^See above^

Apr 6, 2024 at 1:34am

Yup, file that complaint. With the manager, landlord, strata but especially the city. Photos and video can be faked but its great evidence to have.
ou can't fight fire with fire here. You have to pull some red tape BS and use the proper authority. Said person sounds like a real piece of work, revenge is a dish best served by the justice system.

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Apr 6, 2024 at 4:18am

I’m afraid to complain nowadays because of the housing crisis. Landlords know they have all the power because finding another place to live is almost impossible unless you have an unlimited budget. But the property manager here is pretty good and it’s not him I’m worried about. It’s having to live beside this inconsiderate jerk once they know I complained about them. I have a feeling they’re so entitled that their behaviour would get even worse. They act like a spoiled brat teenager who’s living on their own for the first time and haven’t figured out that everyone else isn’t like mommy and daddy who will put up with their self absorbed behaviour.I just hope they’ll either grow up and wise up or move out.

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Apr 9, 2024 at 4:58am

I think that's what it is called: graphomania.

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