Hey Smoker in our NON smoking building!

It's only been a few times but your continuous sneaky smokes in the evening on your balcony is irksome, it's coming into our apartment when I want to keep the windows open during this hot spell but even when they're closed it creeps in. You must know this is a non smoking building, including balconies and that the other smokers go to the parking lot or a little away from our building but you selfishly think it's ok to sit there on your balcony. Not only that, I have to cross over the road out and about to avoid inhaling other people's smoke, cigarettes and dope, all the time. So please, I ask you, in my space let me breath clean air!

Company functions

I really don't want to attend company functions nor do I want to hang around with my coworkers outside of my work schedule. I honestly feel uncomfortable in such settings and especially being around with people who are fake and with negative intentions. My personal time should be my personal time to live my personal life not my employer's.....

I, Cyclist

I confess: I don't stop at stop signs unless a car is stopping at the same time--and then I wait until they go, no matter what gestures they're trying to communicate to me through their windshield. I will go through red lights when it seems safe to do so (no traffic, or a three way intersection where no car is crossing my through-line). And I will ride on sidewalks when the road is too much and there is no one walking, or when I am going to lock up--but I ride at walking speed if there are people around. Because cyclists typically do not ever want to come to a complete stop. Stopping and starting is the most wobbly, most unsafe. So if we can maneuver without stopping and dismounting, we will do so, contrary to any "stop and dismount signs", which always seem paternalistic and condescending to me, as if we can't control ourselves . I recognize that I am taking a risk when I do these things. But "the rules" are not to corral the little ol' happy cyclist as much as they are to control massive fast moving pieces of metal operated not by exertion but by pedals, levers and buttons by people all too easily distracted by the device in their hand these days.

Better Off

Sometime I regret not having a woman, but then I remember that I don't want one. More hassle than worth.

Stop texting and drive!

I wish the chick behind me on the 91 tonight, driving a black Nissan, would put her fucking phone down and pay attention to her driving before she kills somebody.

Big Shout Out

to all the honest hardworking Vancouverites out there who have a real job and don't live off Mommy and Daddys real estate inheritance. you people are the only ones keeping Vancouver somewhat alive. unfortunately seems there's less and less of you every year.

Paying for the bus

I struggle for words to sum up the feeling I get when I am waiting for the bus with my last 2.85 and a homeless person cuts the line and walks on for free. I feel cheated that I go to work to earn money, and often deliberate whether to take the bus and go hungry, or buy food and walk home.

As*hat smokers

So tired of seeing people throw their lit cigarette butts out their car windows and chucking them when they're walking. You're probably the same people smoking in our parks and on our beaches and within 6 metres of windows and doorways. What's wrong with you? At the very least don't you read or watch the news? Our province is burning, the air quality sucks and we don't need you starting another fire.

a bus pass would help

I think its shameful that welfare recipients get $6.45 a day to survive on. I costs me $8.50 on transit to get to the library to look for work. I have a mental map in my head where the drinking fountains are. But food would make my brain work better.

I caught myself

Moving on. I met somebody last night and for the first time in so many months I didn't think about my ex at all. I finally have reason to believe I'll be okay.


Maybe you shouldn't bring your dog to a BBQ if you can't control it.

Of course I am going to take up two lanes

Of course I am going to take up 2 lanes when everyone is merging. Wanna know why? Because you idiots that want to race up past everyone who is waiting their turn need to grow up. Man you piss us all off. Be a good citizen and don't act like you are smarter than everyone just because you take advantage of their good behavior. I am going to make you wait. So there!

I'm a snake

I cheat on my girlfriend who works long hours to support both of us. I lie to the women I sleep with. The only time I feel good about myself is when I'm having sex with somebody else. I wish I could change but I don't know how. I hope she never finds out but part of me wants her to know what I've been doing all these years. I know it's wrong. This is my confession.

Classic DT

I Really miss the old downtown, back when Seymour Street had record row incl A&B, Sam & Odessey as well as Charlies on Granville, Yaletown was abandoned & Gastown was Skid Row. LuvAffair was the coolest club(still would blow any club on Granville now) up on Seymour/Drake - Dt was actually a cool place to hang out in the 80s & 90s. Now don't even have a connection with it at all except awesome memories.

Knapsack wearers on transit

be warned! I've tried to politely ask you to remove your knapsack to make more room for passengers. You usually respond with a dirty look. I'm gonna stop being polite.


#3 Main Bus - London

I feel like a total weirdo/creep doing this kinda thing, but here goes. ...


Photos: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...

This performance comes early four decades after the band's first appearance in our town.