Gym etiquette

I tried politely to tell a fellow gym user in my building not to stare at his phone for 5+ minutes in between every set. It's a small gym and you have to be courteous to your fellow neighbours. Well, after ignoring my polite requests I simply walked over and started using the equipment after his set was done. When he said he still had sets, I told him to look at his phone until I was done. Yes, I know it's all completely childish and unnecessary but such is life when you share it with assholes.

Guys Plz

You know what turns me on? Conversation, sense of humor, silliness AND guy who takes as much as care of himself as I do. Like, I can not stress this enough. If you want to get a girl that looks good 100% of the time, TRY NOT LOOKING LIKE A SLOB. Care about fashion. PRO-TIP: Guys always look 100% more sexy in a good fitting suit. It's like... a brain ninja thing. Roll with it, always wear slacks and a button down, care about your hair, or if you're bald, your facial hair. Go to the gym, you can meet tons of girls there. Acne on your face? Me too, you know what I use? All kinds of facial products to get rid of it. They are available for dudes too you know. Like I really don't understand this concept of "I want someone who looks amazing but I can't even put on matching socks." UGH!

Those people

I can't stand people who aren't aware of their surroundings. These are the ones who walk into a store and stop dead in the entrance while they figure out where to go. They walk down the sidewalk with their heads in their phones until I almost run into them and scare them half to death. They are standing on the bus or skytrain and move a whole 2 cm to allow me to get by when I have to get off. I really can't stand you people.

Ignorant little piggies

Right now I’m sitting in a JJ’s watching a couple of young people scarf down coffees and wraps. A man and a woman. They’ve been sitting for about 30 minutes. And as disgusting as it is to watch these offensive millennial sloths inhale their food while talking loudly and overtly, its the fact that they purchased the food to go, in bags and paper cups, that is truly offensive. So in effect they used those containers to carry the food from the cashier to the table, about 35 feet in this case. They’ve just walked out. Straight past the garbage can in which they dump all that paper and plastic. JJ’s does a great job of offering recycling receptacles RIGHT NEXT TO THE GARBAGE CAN! They even separate out the different materials for us - plastics in here, paper in here... but for this ugly couple, they just dump it all into the can that’s goes to the landfill. These pathetic, gluttonous dimwits have no idea! The planet and this city need far far fewer people like this if we’re going to have any chance at averting the perils of a worsening environment. It’s all about attitude and being conscientious. It’s super easy. But assholes like this make it very hard.


Been in Europe for a while and decided to stop by ye ol confessions page. None of your complaints hold any ground outside of Vancouver and its fairly obvious that most people who reside in Van never travel outside of Bc. If you did none of this would matter. Where i am currently men are considered wealthy if they live in a basement suite. Women not only ask you out but on first dates they pay. Its because they want to to take them out next and show them up. Seen one pair of yoga pants. Nobody wears bike helmets and having a beer at 10 am is a coffee break. Subway? Packed to the gills. Garbage everwhere and the best part nobody is a cellphone zombie and if you bust it out at a club or event security escorts you out. Save your money and travel. Perhaps you cant find anybody worth dating and meeting because you all complain about nothing like its paramount and that spells boring with a capital loser. Im here on an entry level income so stop whining and travel already. What a pathetic mindset in bc.

Take a chance

I can't believe I finally got the guts to do it but.. there's this older woman in my building. She's about 45. I've been admiring her for about a year and the other night she was coming in the building. I some how got the courage to stop her in the hall and tell her I thought she was beautiful. We're going out tomorrow for dinner. This isn't so much a confession.. more so advice to say act on how you feel. I could have easily went back to my apartment but I'm so happy I said something. She told me she thought I was cute and had been curious about me for quite some time. I feel so lucky. Take a chance, you never know what could happen. Don't fear rejection because it's just part of life. Unfortunately for some, the fear of not being accepted or fear of being made a fool keeps them from excelling. You'll never know if you never try. I'm so excited for tomorrow.

Thumbs down

Screw every cyclist in this city that doesn't wear a helmet, blows through stop signs and ignores roundabouts. Buddy, you were so close to getting smoked today and you didn't even realize it. Giving all the good cyclists a bad name. Bring on the car hate, fuckers. I don't see nearly as much bad driving in a day as I do with cycling.

I feels so stupid

I have been with my bf for 2 years and we live together and I am miserable all the time. I work 2 jobs full time to pay the bills and he hasn't really worked for 2 years. He might work a month in a year doing painting or security work and then he gets fired and its always someone else's fault. I just have so much anger when I come home and the apartment is a mess and hes playing video games on the couch. There is nothing physically or mentally wrong with him. Hes just lazy. I blame myself because I let it drag on for so long because I have low self esteem because I used to think I deserve this but I deserve better. We got into a big fight and I couldn't take it anymore and threw him out. He can live in his mom and dads basement. This isn't a rant about men in Vancouver its just about me and him and I am sorry about ranting. I am just in tears because I love him so much and this jerk never once got me a birthday gift or told me I was beautiful. Working two full time jobs, doing all the laundry, all the cooking and cleaning just took a huge toll on me and I reached my breaking point because its just too much. I just feel so stupid because I wasted 2 years of my life on this jerk.

Life is good

Today I'm one year sober. A year ago I was found passed out in a ditch on the side of the highway naked spooning a pylon with a dick drawn on my face. When I got to the drunk tank, I was spitting on cops and being absolutely belligerent. I ended up in a potato sack (straight jacket) with a spit mask on. I was singing Christmas carols and got in a verbal argument with another dude in the cell over because I wouldn't shut up. When I finally sobered up, an officer and I spoke about my crazy night. He said he was amazed at what a nice gentleman I was as a sober human being. He ended up connecting me with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and I never looked back. I wanted to kill myself the day before. I took a bunch of Xanax and drank myself into oblivion to drown the pain of my dad passing away a week earlier in a car crash. He was all I had left as my mother died 5 months before from a drug overdose. The last thing I ever said to him was that I hated him and wished he would fucking die. I'll still never forgive myself. He was decapitated when a pole slid off a truck and smashed through his windshield. My friends tried to help me but I was beyond repair.. there was nothing they could do. I didn't want to be in reality. I couldn't stand to be alive. I know this story sounds absurd and made up but believe me it's not. Today I woke up feeling so good. I usually feel sad in the morning because the first thing I think of is my parent's deaths but today I felt at peace. They would be proud and I think would have forgiven me for the way I was. Life is beyond beautiful and I'm so happy to be alive. Here's to another year of sobriety. Life is good.

I am bewildered

at what happened today. I am a 59 yr. old male. I was riding the Skytrain and witnessed very close by a dishevelled man verbally accosting a female passenger. They were not together, I saw him approach her from another car. He was using racist and misogynist language that was clearly confrontational. He did not touch her in any way but his verbal abuse was quite loud. I stepped in and asked the lady if she was OK, did she need help? She turned at me and yelled, "I can handle myself, mind your own business!" And so I did. I really need some feedback here. Did I do wrong? Still now, recounting it here I feel like I did the right thing?


I like Apu's part, and I am from India. Why are people trashing the Simpsons now? I'm against this PC shit. Comedy is comedy.

I got fat : some progress

1 week in of changed habits = 2 lbs off the scale. Not a drastic change but it’s something. 1) instead of eating at my desk mindless surfing the net, I went walking for 30 minutes at lunch. 2) got up early and would go walking before breakfast on the weekend, again instead of just reading news sites on my butt at home 3) drastically reduced my intake of beloved chips and increased my intake of salmon and veggies 4) stayed off social media 5) on the bus home, looked out the window instead of staring at my gadget. Helped a bus driver rearrange the front area with stroller, walker and wheelchair quickly to get the bus moving fast. Being present and helping people, remember that?? Feeling better, looking less puffy, deliberately living my life again and gave time back to me rather than looking into my phone. Small win.

Yeah Yeah

The last two months I been getting so many girls and I dunno why before that I wasn't getting this much. I think it has to do with hormones in the summer making girls extra thirsty. I am no doctor though. Now I got one on a Friday night and another on a Saturday night. I am in full party mode. I am cool though I don't do any drugs and always use condoms because I am responsible and I work a fulltime job in construction during the week. I dunno what it is but I am gonna ride this wave of girls as long as I can cuz it could end anytime.

I pushed a woman aside

at a Skytrain gate. She was standing square in front of an exit gate, rummaging in her purse for her Compass card and blocking others from using that gate. If you do not have your Compass card at the ready, step aside and allow us that do to continue with our day. It's called common courtesy.


Gorgeous Save-On Shopper

You: gorgeous tattooed lady ahead of me in line just came from a workout? Me: gentleman patiently...


Savage Love: My boyfriend won't delete his ex's pics from Instagram

My boyfriend of one year has refused to delete photos from his Instagram account that show him with his ex-girlfriend.