Cleanup time

I was in the wrong crowd and nearly lost myself. I got mixed up with a lot of stupid people who were all about alcohol, drugs and partying. My life headed into a downward spiral. I’m way too old for the party lifestyle so I simply gave it up. Partying is something you do when you’re in high school and there comes a time when you need to grow up and get your head straight. My head has become a lot more clear since I’ve been clean and sober. I can’t stress enough just how awesome it feels to finally get rid of all the useless garbage that could have ruined my life. I lost a lot of weight, got back into my fitness and have been eating healthier foods. Alcohol and drugs have nothing to offer. Life is too short to be surrounded by leeching scumbags or fill your body with poison. Don’t follow the herd of sheep to the edge of a cliff. You are who you hangout with.


I walked past a care home the other day and saw an elderly man sitting in the window. I can't imagine how hard it would be living out your days in a facility like that pre covid but now with a 'no visitors' rule, it would be terribly lonely. I waved at him and he waved back. I hope that made his day. It sure made mine.

I used to

complain that Canada was sooo boring and stale. After recent world events: thank you Canada for being so boring! Never change!

There were

Flat Earthers at Spanish Banks today. They set up a table and had signs like “NASA uses Photoshop” and “You Have Been Lied To!” I came very close to losing it and screaming at them as I walked past.

Family drama

My brother made an offer to our aunt, uncle and their daughter (my cousin) to purchase their home, which they purchased in the 70’s for $50,000. And that’s how much he offered to buy their home. The property value is over a million, but he tried to make it sound as if he will be doing them a favour by renovating the home after he buys it from them. In return, he would charge them rent to get his money back. The house is supposed to be my cousin’s inheritance and she’s too afraid to say no to him so she asked me for advice. My advice: he can take a hike for making such a ridiculous, shameful offer. I’ve been furious for months because I didn’t know he was that selfish. Now he won’t speak to me. I will never let anyone take advantage of my family, even my own brother.

Runners not getting it, or getting it!

For the last many months, I've been walking the seawall around Stanley Park. I've noticed people with dogs, strollers and masks taking care of each other. NOT the runners. They approach from behind or even more disgustingly, right at you, some spitting, most panting and breathing heavily. I've taken to extending my umbrella or a vitamin water out with my left arm, to remind them, they are selfish and in my space. I'm actually enjoying their reactions as they realize what they have done as they run right into it.

Spirit revived in another part of town

Drove across town to make a donation at the Union Gospel Mission. I admit I was a little scared because I’m not that tall and went alone and my adrenaline was pumping. It turned out that the 30 minutes that I was in the Downtown Eastside, more people —complete strangers—offered kindness, Happy New Years wishes, friendly wishes and thoughts than I ever hear in a year in my own “wealthy” Curmudgeonly neighborhood. Thank you, you gentle souls, your friendly spirit was like water in my oasis of isolation and silence in my area. I won’t forget this day, possibly the kindest one all year, and will be coming back to donate again soon. You all showed me something priceless today. Happy New Year and let’s emanate love to each other.


My husband just told me that the day we went to the hospital thinking we'd lost our baby two years ago, he was emailing his ex as I was in the emergency room alone being told there was no heart beat. Why on earth he decided to tell me this now I have no idea. Thankfully we're going our separate ways. If his goal was to hurt me, it worked. I'm angry but all that matters is our baby girl survived and she's my world. Trying to get it out of my head though and it's tough. I'm angry.

I’m not in a “mood”

I confess that the next time I’m accused of being in a bad mood just because I’m not willing to tolerate his bs, I may just lose it. The fact that I’ve managed to hold it together so many other times as he picks, pokes, criticizes in oh-so-subtle (or so he thinks) ways, and just generally tries to control our entire relationship, is simply a testimony to my incredible self-control and patience, SO FAR. So no, I’m not in a mood. I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m not hormonal. I’m just fed up with your ignorant attitude. This type of overt sexism is just a complete deal breaker.

Covid CRAZY..Or am I ?

I have been watching my roomie (since Covid started) keep randomly hooking up with various people on sites like Tinder and Grinder.. I have tried to be very diplomatic about the risks he takes in meeting and sleeping with randoms., and how I want him to be careful coz we live together... I live by the rule "Live and let live" However, he doesn't seem to care that he is taking a huge chance on bringing it home. I suggested that maybe just keeping one FWB for now or until vaccinated? It seems like he just shrugs it off. I am not paranoid and I do take all necessary precautions. If he continues this hit and quit life style he will end up with something bad... Taking Prep, washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing is just the beginning of being safe.. I wish he would be SMARTER and less SELFISH in his choices! After all we are in the middle of a F******* WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC! Grow up! You are almost 40..Start making better choices. AND FU for making me feel like your GD MAMA.


Granville to Commercial

We caught each others eyes when you walked onto the sky train and we kept making eye contact...


Savage Love: Is HIV disclosure unreasonable with new meds?

Although HIV treatment can render a person’s viral load undetectable, some jurisdictions require HIV-status disclosure.