Bottom feeder

Of the many fish in the sea, how did I end up with tilapia?

What's the deal with a platonic

female friend of mine (I am male) who always assumes I will pay the bill at a restaurant? After speaking up last time and saying, "You know, we're not a couple, your turn to pay," she lost her shit. Friendship over just like that. BTW, forget about platonic. Women should chip in sometimes when they're part of a couple. It's 2018 right?

I know I look good

I've spent hundreds of dollars on makeup. It took me an hour to get ready this morning, I watch what I eat and I'm extremely active. I stare in the mirror for 45 minutes straight doing my makeup. I know I fucking look good. It was hard, I assure you I woke up looking nothing like this. So why must you feel the need to tell me. That's nice that you think that I guess, but really all it did was make me feel weird. But because it was just so nice of you to go out of your way to compliment me I just have to half-ass smile and say thanks even though it sucks. Can men and most people just understand that not everybody needs to hear your fucking opinion. That's nice that you think I look good, I look good because I try really really hard. So I don't need to hear your opinion, and I don't need you to remind me. And I'm not fucking thankful and I'm not fucking flattered. Leave me alone. And while I'm at it stop hitting on your fucking server. She's just going to make fun of you to the rest of her co-workers after you leave, we're not attracted to you we're just giving good customer service.

CTV Firings

I like the way people are getting all upset that Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen got fired.First, lets not pretend that these people are real journalists. All they are is talking heads with ultra white teeth and helmet hair that are paid way too much to sell you corporate lies and propaganda. Secondly, hundreds of regular people get fired and laid off every day in this country. Save your sympathy for them because the vast majority won't get any severance and will have to wait 4-6 weeks till they see a cent of EI. So spare me if I don't shed any tears for poor Mike and Tamara who probably made more in one year than most people make in five years of work.

Not My Fault

Today I learned Algebra for the first time. I’m 41 years old. I was really good at it. I completed and passed an online foundation module in 6 hours. Two giant tears welled up in my eyes. One rolled down my cheek and onto my keyboard. It was not my fault. My parents moved around a lot. From grade 1 to grade 10, I went to 13 schools. I was a nervous kid and the doctors wanted to put me on Ritalin but I never did. I dropped out of high school and never returned. Years later, I moved to New Zealand. I became a citizen there and completed an undergraduate degree at the age of 35. I graduated with honours. But today, when I learned Algebra for the first time. That made me cry.

I lied

I told my boyfriend at the time I was on the pill. I later got pregnant. My excuse was that antibiotics reduced the effectiveness of the pill. Truth is that our relationship was on the rocks and I wanted to keep him....we're married and I've never told him (or even my closest friend).

Obnoxiously loud luxury cars - just go away already

You with your $300,000 car that roars along Broadway with its signature high pitch whine as you accelerate and bullet-firing sound as the exhaust kicks in? Yeah - you. Piss off. Nobody wants your money-laundered purchase in our streets. I'm glad there's a freaking light at every intersection. Stop ruining our neighborhood with your obnoxious vehicle. Especially the orange lambo. You know who you are. Get lost.

Holy god, I am so sick of men these days complaining about dating

Here's how it seems to go these days: Most Single Men: WAHHHH WHY WON'T WOMEN PAY ATTENTION TO AND DATE ME, WAHHHHHH *someone motions around to any single woman Most Single Men: WAHHHHHH, NO, NOT *THOSE* ONES, THEY'RE TOO OLD / FAT / DAMAGED, I MEAN THE YOUNG HOT ONES *ohhhh, ok, but the ones you're asking about might only be interested in certain things, too...? Much like you, only being interested in young and hot...? Most Single Men: WAHHHHHH BUT THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES I FEEL ARE WORTHY OF MY ATTENTION THO, HOW DARE THOSE WOMEN BE SO SUPERFICIAL AND NOT SEE MY NICE GUY WAYS TEDIOUS. You're worse than gold diggers, because you try and pretend you're about something else. At least those surface-level women are honest about what they want AND there's the added bonus of other MEN out there agreeing with them! What have you to offer? Even old / fat / damaged women see through your borinnnnnng bullshit. Get over your own damn selves, realise that your standards are over the top and extreme, and maybe you won't have to worry about dying alone

A Little Envious

My best friends husband is a Specialist Doctor. I looked up online and he billed over $640,000 to MSP last year. My husbands an Engineer and will never make that kind of money and I am just a little envious of the trips and things she can buy that I never will be able to.

dope stinks

So many people smoke dope outside now in crowded areas. Don't they realize how strong and unpleasant the smell is? It's far worse than cigarette or even cigar smoke. Tobacco smokers seem to (mostly) accept that nobody else wants to inhale their second hand smoke. But dope smokers act as if they're engaged in some cute, daring act of adolescent rebellion, or declaring their personal liberation in some important way, when they stink up the air for others. Yuck. I wish they'd grow up.

I Had Lost Faith in People

A couple of weeks ago I lost my bag with my wallet in it. In my mind, I kissed it goodbye because I'd grown cynical about people in this city. But, someone hand delivered the bag to my friend's door (it was an old address on my ID). No one was home to thank them for me. This kind person hung the bag on the door handle and was so clever to put the wallet through the mail slot with all the money I thought I lost still in it. I'm so happy that honest people still exist! Thank you so much!!!


When I see all the young people at 4/20, I think to myself ... "There's the next generation of addicts at Main and Hastings."

Tip off

Just a reminder that when you order food in for delivery you need to tip your delivery driver. Tipping anything less than 10% is complete and total assholery. These drivers make $10-12 an hour, pay their own gas and vehicle wear and tear. On an average night of say, 8 deliveries in 5 hours they might make 40$ in tips. Then they need torrplace the 1/4+ tank of gas they used so take 15-20$ off that and they have maybe $20-25 left to get some dinner themselves and put some away toward future car repairs. Not to mention the high insurance rates for delivery drivers. So yeah, they make shit money for a stressful job. They bring you your dinner in stressful traffic and next to no parking. If you don’t tip them they are essentially paying their own money to feed you. To be able to not tip and look your driver in the eye makes you a cheap inconsiderate scamming fuckwad. Don’t be an asshole, pay for the service you request or get off your ass and go pick up your own damn dinner. Thank you and bon apetit

An elderly lady

with a walker came on the Skytrain today and none of the young folks made a move to offer their seat. I was also standing and asked a young teen, "Stand up for a passenger who needs to sit down!" He stood up and she thanked me, C'mon young people, be POLITE!!


NO, I do not want to come over and see your stone counter top! You don't invite people over to see your shit! Don't you have any dreams other than owning shit? If your life's work is owning shit, you should give serious consideration in exiting this world because you're a failure.


Cloverdale Gym Stares

If you miraculously read this then you know who you are... just talk to me already. We could go...


Savage Love: Affairs don't "just happen", you make them happen

I’m a liar, a cheat, a user, and a manipulator—and it just keeps happening.