Harry and Meghan

I don't want a dime of my taxes spent on supporting their lavish life.

Living life on my own terms

I love being single and I can say that with 100% honesty. I have so much to accomplish and do and I can’t risk any distractions or bad decisions at this point. I’m excited for what’s to come. I spent so many years on fake friends and shit boyfriends. I’m doing me now. Thank you God.

I am marrying someone to get over an ex fiance

I met my first love at 18 and a year later we got engaged. He was my first kiss and first sex. Then after we got engaged I found out I had HPV from him then went through a painful operation called LEEP. Basically doctor burned pre cancerous cells with electric machine and it was so painful. My fiance didnt pay for any medical expensis and didnt wanna admit that it was all his fault. Our colleges were in a city that was 3 hours by train from each other and I went to see him every week cause of my roommate. And he wouldnt try to visit me once. I loved him so much and even I knew that he saw his ex girlfriend and maybe had sex when I was abroad I still believed he could change. Then the next year he really started to love me and we moved in together in my college city. We were so in love but I would always complain to him how he treated me badly last year and we had fight several times a week sometimes. But still I was very much in love with him and so does he I think. Then we got separated again during summer and I worked near Harvard and met this guy who works at Harvard and is succesful. I didnt think much of the Harvard guy at first and wanted to visit my fiance in Chicago and even bought a ticket to see him. Then he was like you cant come here and was very angry that I was visiting him. Later I found out he was partying all week using drugs and getting high.One day I just though fuck this guy and started living with this Harvard dude and we are getting married after dating for 4 months. He doesnt know about this ex fiance at all. But I still am in love with my ex fiance and I just used the Harvard guy to get over him. I met my ex fiance once to return his ring and we both cried so much. It was so painful. But the Harvard guy loves me so much and I dont wanna hurt him. He even paid all my medical bills and school bills. But I cant get back together with ex so I am just marrying the guy who loves me

Good riddance, HNIC.

I'm glad Hockey Night in Canada viewers are down more than half a million viewers. I've had to hear about that nonsense for 30 years. It's discussed like it was as important as foreign policy or some UN treaty. It's a sport. A boring sport.

Heading into 2020

6 months clean and sober. Had no idea it would feel this good, actually experiencing a sense of contentment for the first time in my life. Happy New Year everyone!

What I miss

I miss holding hands. Having someone else's fingers laced with your own. Feeling their fingers between yours, palms mirroring each other. The simplicity and innocence of it.

Looked up my ex today on Instagram

I looked up my ex on social media today. He’s in Mexico partying with a bunch of people who do drugs everyday to be happy. I felt nothing except a ton of growth and relief I am no longer crying over the way he treated me. The people who one day you think you can’t live without turn into the “thank God we broke up”.

I'm not the best person

I broke up with someone because they wouldn't eat gluten even though they could. If you don't want to try my sourdough, it's not gonna work out. What next? Everyone is gonna quit coffee and be even more boring than they already are?

Just Another Entitled Gen Z Vancouververite

The morning of Boxing Day (ie right after xmas) I was walking my dog and I found someone one's ID, Bank Card etc on the ground. I looked them up on facebook and sent a message saying I had it. I was concerned that they would probably need these vital things over the holidays and didn't want to just throw it in the mailbox like people have done for me in the past. I looked the girl's info up on FB and went to her work, hoping to find her. She wasn't there but her roommate happened to be working and said she no longer lived at that address. I was happy that it would find its way back to her. Thing is, she already had a way to contact me and never said "Thank-You". I wasn't looking for a medal but I took time out of my holidays to do something nice for someone and they treated it like it's just expected. Next time, Fuck 'Em.

Worst Date Ever

So I went out on a date with a guy and a few red flags came up immediately. He didn't open the door for the restaurant for me or pull out my chair but I guess he wasn't taught manners. Then he proceeds to explain how the #metoo movement is completely fake and how white men are really the victims in society. He just kept on talking and talking. At least at the end of the date he paid but other than that he was the worst. Then he texts me the next day thinking he's going to get a second date. I said maybe 5 words the entire night. He kept on cutting me off again and again. Is it just me or is it harder and harder to meet nice guys.


Chinatown Plaza on Keefer

I was taking photos and your comments caught me off guard. I didn't know what to say. Coffee...


Savage Love: Push for a cuckolding conversation

Some people mean it when they say, “We can have threesomes/go to BDSM parties/try cuckolding once our relationship is solid.” But some people don’t mean it.