Tik toxic

With all these young, careless teenagers doing dangerous stunts on TikTok and losing their lives, I’m surprised such an app even exists. Personally, I hope Tickety Tok gets banned and that creators of this stupid app go to jail.


Trudeau just announced he will be pledging 2 billion dollars for affordable housing to begin to be built in a few years to BC housing What about people who need housing now? BC housing, isn't this the non profit organization that was caught laundering money ? How does a "non profit"organization launder money any way ? With 2 billion dollars apparently! What a joke !

What's your rumor?

What are the most ridiculous rumors you've heard about yourselves? Let's hear them! Go for it! Here's one about me. People in my office often wondered how I got to work early just because I lived in the back of the building. So they assumed I was some homeless person living in the bushes and hedges.

If your mother taught you to lie

You should know, there are potentially serious ramifications to lying. People don't like liars or worse. Once a person knows you lied to them do you think they'll ever trust you again? No, they won't. If you brag to your friends sbout lying do you think they'll have any respect for you again? No, they won't.


I have two children and I don't think its any man I am dating's business until I am good and ready to tell them. I want them to get to know me first. The last 2 men have just disappeared as soon as I told them. My children are amazing. The men in Vancouver need to grow a pair.

If only Gordon Ramsay visited my restaurant

I would tell him if you don't like the food, get the *bleep* out of here. The tofu chicken is amazing. Way better than real chicken. Corporate chefs don't know what they're talking about.

Somewhere over…

Skip the train over a yellow brick line now the train skips on you medical emergency delays delays should we look away? wash the matter resting in pieces but there’s no peace here things are dire when we’re too broke to pay attention except to look down Did you see the look of resignation? or was it panic desperation we can’t live this way I can’t tell you not to jump to another conclusion ends by any means some ends are just mean how to find another way click your heels to find there’s no place like home but does it even exist anymore Where can any of us go when life gets like this? we cross a yellow brick road knowing it’s been within us all along a means to escape now shoes glistened red something clicks into place we won’t live this way


I question myself. Up until now I have never had these kinds of thoughts before. Lately, I’ve often been wondering what would life be like if I were a woman instead of a man. I wonder if maybe I’m going through something?


By the end of 2025 A.I. will be taking over 85 million jobs done by people. So my question is how will humans be supporting themselves ? How will be paying for these crazy expensive apartments, mortgages and super expensive food and the gas for our cars with car payments and insurance,cell bill's, heat our homes. Anybody?

I confess

I get a thrill out of seeing my words on this site, and I'm sure they will help solve the problems of the World.


Bar at the Westin Bayshore

You were by yourself at H tasting lounge bar inside the Westin Bayshore hotel. You had the...