Phone zombies

It astounds me how people (all ages and both sexes) walk around with their noses in their cellphones, oblivious to danger and the inconvenience they cause to other people sharing the pavement, stairways, cross-walks, etc. They are the new walking dead and some will meet their maker soon and stop perambulating altogether.

People staring down at their smartphones

If you see someone doing & it bothers you or bothers you enough to go the Confessions here to rant about it.....well here's a solution....why don't just mind your god damn business? Are they hurting you? Is your day to day being severely affected in a negative way? Get a life & ignore what other people do around don't even know these people


I have no idea why some people demand that everyone speak English here (well, I do, they're racists who believe in a white Anglo Canada). I mean, do you really need to listen to people unpack the latest episode of The Bachelor or some telenovela, complain about their mothers and crap talk their exes, or debate something inane like Macs vs. PCs as we all ride the Skytrain or try to eat our lunches somewhere? I'd rather hear a mix of Tagalog, Farsi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Polish, and Spanish being circulated thank you very much.


I work in a large company and sometimes we have to take training courses. Many people I don’t know because they are at other sites. Why does the teacher always ask us to divulge personal shit about ourselves to the class? I don’t want to tell everyone how many pets I have or what I do on the weekends. Just teach the class and leave me alone.


Why do I have to pay for utilities when heat and hot water is an essential part of renting that the landlord has to give me? No one offers laundry. I could care less about cable tv. I’ll get my own internet. What utility do you want me to pay for? You landlords are fucking high for wanting $1000+ for a tiny suite. That’s another thing. There’s lots of good tenants out there but you landlords won’t let tenants smoke on the property either weed or cigarettes. I hate how much you use your devices but I don’t stipulate to you how much you should be using them. Both have health concerns. Give smokers a goddamn break, eh. For Christ’s sake I’m under enough goddamn stress and all I’m getting is rejected. Fuck all of you landlords.


I just turned 30 and it was really depressing. I have a great job and a ton of friends but no man. I need a man to complete me. Its awful being single and not having someone to share sunsets and holidays with. On the other hand I don't want to just settle but the pickings are very slim. The older I get the less options I have in a man and its totally unfair.

No more tipping Wait staff?

After reading that national post article about how servers make as much, or more, than nurses I think I’ll stop tipping wait staff and instead start tipping my underpaid, under appreciated health care providers. Say what you want about serving being a challenging job, it’s no more challenging than retail (where tipping isn’t expected) or admin jobs (again, no tips for doing your work with a smile on your face) or construction (where you might die). Tipping has turned into a racket, and restaurants should be held accountable.

For real

If you dump someone and break their heart in the process, do the right thing and leave them be afterwards. They don't want to be friends. And if they tell you to give them space, don't decide a couple years later that you want to waltz back in again. The only person I'm more angry at than you is myself for ever giving you even a scant millimeter of space back into my life.

In my world cheaters need to be ghosted

I knew a fabulous couple. Married over 20 yrs. Fun, fun, fun. She decided after 20 yrs that he was no longer desireable physically. So, she had an affair, and when the couple went on holiday she dropped it on my pal at dinner that she was leaving.....THAT DAY. No discussion, no counselling, no separation, just a brick between the eyes. He was devastated. She moved in with her old boyfriend who was trying to get out of his relationship. Instant changes. I want nothing to do with her. Or the new guy. He was fucking my friends wife while she was still married. Nice. Jerk. He broke the guy code. She broke her wedding vows. I lost a fun couple. Fast forward a year. My pal is remarrying a great gal. He is super happy. The ex wife is still feeling the fallout of her actions. She tries to justify it many ways but the root issue is that she did a really hurtful, self absorbed action and make your bed, you sleep in it. She has lost friends. Me included. Guys have done this to women for years but two wrongs don’t make a right. It was wrong. I can’t trust her. I hope she will be as happy as her ex husband is going to be. He on the other hand is actually quite lucky. He has class. I have no poblem with divorce. If it is not working then get out. But...go to counselling, talk it out a lot, and try. Like really, try. If you have given it a good shot, made your spouse aware, and it is not working then separate. No problem. But dropping it like an anvil onto the head sucks. You are a ghost to me.

You said what now?

When I was at university in small town Ontario a while back, I was helping my boyfriend and his friend load some stuff into the back of his friend's car when my boyfriend spotted a young woman walking towards us on the other side of the street. He stared at her long enough for her to notice him looking at her and, as she glanced nervously in our direction, my boyfriend turned to his buddy and said, loud enough for her to hear, "Wanna go half-and-half on a rape charge?" Then he and his friend started to laugh. The woman looked horrified (as I'm sure I did, too) and picked up her pace, shoulders around her ears. "He's just kidding!", I called to her. In the moment, I couldn't think of anything else that would have alleviated her fear. Then I turned to my boyfriend and was like, "WTF was that?" He tried to tell me it was all just a joke and I was "over reacting". To this day I'm sure he still thinks that this wasn't a big enough deal to break up over. He was wrong.


St. Paddy's Day at Superstore in...

You were hunched over your cart, are really tall with brown hair that looked like it might curl a...