I love group sex

I love group sex. The sights, the sounds, the connection. I enjoy the community of people doing in public what they usually do alone. It makes me feel connected and empathetic. And also, it's hot!

Bring It On

I don't care if climate change wipes out a lot of people, I don't like people in general anyway.

No one cooked for me when mom died

Mom died a year ago. No one cooked for me, no one brought food. They helped a bit with clothes, books and other stuff. Fundamentally I was hosting them and had to cook and serve and make big decisions. Not once was a meal offered. Not once was I told to just sit and relax and allow myself to be cared for. The very day my mom died, the first friend to show up didn't even raise a finger and I had to cook for the both of us. She just talked about herself. Then, no invitations over the holidays. Alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas. No one called or invited. My neighbours knew what happened, they couldn't be bothered to have me over for tea. I am using this experience to remind myself why I want and need to leave the west coast. I'm hoping to find a better place.

Hard drop

Done with social media Done with the likes Done with the dumb food/latte art/beer pics Done with seeing pictures of people doing nothing Done with wasting life on this Done with people posting and never talking to me IRL Done with the approval seeking DONE ✅

I'm not going to lie

I'm not going to lie. I've lived here for over 8+ years and I still feel like i don't belong. I find that although people here are bubbly, 'happy' and friendly; there is a lack of honesty. I wish people meant it when they say things like 'Oh! I'm so happy to see you!' or 'We should really hang out!'. Don't try having a multitude of friends to show off on your birthday pictures. Have a handful and see them often, spend quality time with them. Learn how to love the people around you with their qualities and imperfections. Do you have a friend who doesn't have family here? Try offering them a chair in your thanksgiving or christmas table <3

How Should a Person Feel?

I was married for a dozen years. She got pregnant in the first two years (over and over she said she didn't want to go on the pill and neither of use were crazy about condoms, so we did her 'cycle') and we weren't ready. So... abortion. After the 8th year it happened again and we were in a much better space, financially, etc. But she didn't want it (she had a Masters to finish) so... aborted. I clued in; the marriage was about 'what's in it for me', not 'us'. Okay. Fine. So I leave my career to finally get a degree. I've always hated formal education... Pretentious jackasses. Certification and degrees, kissing a profs ass. Orthodoxy. The Canon. Kiss the ring. My God, I hate that shit. "Great, can you complexify that for me?" Ugh. Fuck off. But now, in this work world, they want certificates and pieces of paper. References to one's stellar intellect. Yawn. Still, I went. Two years into my goal, she asks for divorce so she can go off and get her PhD. Ugh. Of course. I never stood in her way for a single thing. As we're walking in a park, in early fall, only a week before she leaves, she blurts out through tears... "You'd be a great dad." Years ago. And I still feel nothing.

The One That Got Away

It’s been almost 10 years. And I’m married now, with 2 children. But I still think about you all the time. The chemistry we had haunts my dreams. I love my husband and I wish I could give him my whole heart but a part of it will always belong to you. And I wouldn’t change a thing about the past because my children are my world. The truth is that I still daydream about stealing away to a hotel with you one day, because that kind of chemistry just can’t be forgotten.

Trans girlfriend

I've been in a relationship with a trans woman for more than 2 years. She is beautiful, tall, very style-wise. She attracts a lot of attention. Every time we go out there's countless guys who gawk at her and just stare. Well let me tell you, you just look like foxes preying over meat and it disgusts me that you can never respect. Stop staring. Yeah she's beautiful but she's not an object. I don't know if you realize how stupid men look when staring at women. Plus, many of you are married guys, strolling with wife and kids, and still can't stop staring. Just FYI, yeah more men than you'd know are into trans women, but please stop, you look ridiculous.


Park Royal Window Shopper in the Rain

I crossed paths about three times on Saturday afternoon. Tall, dark, and handsome, and I should...


Savage Love: Don’t let BF’s kink woes hold you back

You can't control who will give you attention at kink parties