Small Dating Pool

My dating pool is really small. I have a university degree, six figure job, am good looking, and own my own condo. I expect the same from a man at the very least. Why should I have to settle for anything less than myself? I work hard and I expect my man to work just has hard as me. I just think that there are not enough successful men in this city to go around.


A guy I work with got divorced. He has 3 kids aged 1, 3, and 5. His ex-wife couldn't take him working 80 hours a week at 2 jobs while she looked after the kids so she pulled the plug on the marriage. He now has to pay child support and alimony and its a ton of money and his ex-wife gets to stay in the house with the three kids. He will now be living in his childhood bedroom at his Italian parents house and that's it. His mom does make him some great pasta and spaghetti for lunch so its not all bad. After seeing how emotionally wrecked this guy is I am no longer going to complain about being single because I don't want to get married.

To home owners protesting taxes on your investment properties (and everyone who despises them)

You are F***ing kidding us all with your selfish rants. Proportionally, you all pay little, most likely have your accountant find many ways to be exempt from your civic duty of paying your fair share and you dare complain of what would be a nickel to your dollar versus the amount many hard-working underpaid people who pay more than you and get less. We don't get to say whether our tax dollars pay the over-bloated salaries of public servants (demand them to take a pay cut if you're that concerned) or all the lovely landscaping work done in your posh residential areas, so don't you whine because the money spent on the greater good of the society doesn't trickle down to serve your selfish needs. We are all in a society together, and when we all do our fair share for the greater good of all, we all benefit. Your selfish attitude serves to only justify filling your pockets. The reason everything is so terrible in the largess of the public landscape (like mental patients running around homeless stressing out hospitals, paramedics and the police) instead of being in proper mental institutions) is because people like you who seek to further their greed by justifying cutting back on the very things that our country used to fund generously in the name of making the whole nation great. We used to be more like Scandinavia. Thanks to greedy people like you over the past few decades selling tax cuts as a benefit that only the upper tax bracket really enjoys, we're becoming more like the USA. So, hell, no, you pay up. If Warren Buffet can say that the upper tax bracket can pay more, then get on board with the program and stop being greedy. And everyone else, stop being lazy. Elections are job interviews and these clowns work for us. They are public SERVANTS, that is their title, so they are here to SERVE. If they don't do what we need, fire them and hire (that is, elect) new ones. And tell them what we need. Call them up, write to them, communicate. And if you don't vote, if you don't get active, the yo have complain about.

Get Over It

I work in an office where 80% of the staff are single women complaining about how hard it is to find a good man in the city. Most guys don't want an overweight woman pushing 40 who is high maintenance. Did these women ever think maybe they just suck at dating? I think these women need to be more realistic because they're options are really limited at this point.

Whenever someone says...

"This is the best/most beautiful place on Earth." ...I just want to vomit. I think to myself: 'But have you seen the French Rivierra?' Or the Andes? The South American rain forests, perhaps? Dubai? The mountains of primal Siberia? The deserts and majesty of Sinai? The glorious architecture of Cambodia? Don't get me wrong, guys. I grew up here. I think this is a beautiful place, too. But this whole "best place on Earth" attitude is downright arrogant, not to mention relative to each person's living preferences and how they see beauty. It's downright dismissive of the rest of the world. Can we please tone this whole attitude down as a culture so we can stop looking like smug pricks on the other side of the coast? Last time I checked, we were a part of Canada, not this "special" nation-state. Other cities and places in Canada are just as beautiful, and I don't want to have to be sheepish about telling people where I'm from when moving to or visiting other places in the world (especially Canada). Look, I might be moving out of here, and I might have MANY things to say about the HUGE problems here, and how Vancouver (and BC by extension) has unfortunately changed. But you know what? The only thing I found I haven't liked about this place- REALLY haven't liked- has been the attitudes and behaviour of many a Vancouverite here.

Rough childhood

Just because someone has a rough childhood doesn’t give them a right to treat others badly and be abusive as an adult. You don’t get a free pass! Take responsibility for your own actions in life.

My Solution

I had been watching internet pornography everyday since I was 12 years old. At the age of 25 I realized that this was having a negative impact on my love life. I mean why go and search for women when your needs were just a click away. Plus you had access to literally a million different women willing to do just about anything on your timeline. So I stopped watching completely and its been six months. All of a sudden I am not so tired and full of energy. Women are smiling at me and talking with me. I got a girlfriend now too. I think it has to do with pheromones or something. I don't smell desperate anymore. I don't view women as sex objects anymore but as real people with emotions and feelings. The internet pornography I think really warped my sense of sex and sexuality. The solution to most guys dating problems is to stop watching pornography cold turkey.

Mental health

My job makes me want to kill myself. I get treated so poorly every day it makes me feel like garbage. So I'm finding work elsewhere that's not as stressful and quitting that shit hole. Here's to mental health.

Best investment I've made in ages!

I have recently spent some of my hard earned money on a decent vibrator with g-spot stimulation. Best purchase I've made in a long time! Came with; 10 varying speeds/intensities! Seriously long lasting battery life! Water proof and submersible! No Hassel and no emotional baggage! Handy storage case - so I don't have to share my bed with it! No questions about "where are we going with this"! Won't fall asleep before I'm done! It will never shave it's pubes in my sink, and it doesn't have to pretend to "not care" if I haven't been to the groomers recently either! Won't send "you still up?" texts! Won't get jealous if there's another man or woman sharing your bed! Ladies (& gents too), if you can afford a night on the town, you can afford one of these babies. Hands down one of the best investments you'll make in a long while.

Only rent to women

Not only is this not viable, as if everyone did it, a revolution would ensue, but it also shows another way that women have it way easier than men.

It goes on

I work with a large number of people and I never expected women to be so obsessed with their appearance in their 50s, 60s and 70s. I guess I always thought that at some point, you would just not care anymore. That you would be free from social pressures of how you look. Almost like graduating; you're moving to another phase in life and other things take on new meaning and importance and you have enough sense of yourself that appearance is not the forefront anymore. I was wrong. The 50 year old's mentionable highlight of her vacation was doing lots of walking and not eating. The 60 year olds get their eyebrows tattoo'd on and wear low-cut dresses showing way too much cleavage. The 70 year old did some cosmetic procedures that bruised her face but promised her better skin. I guess I was hoping to know more women who would say fuck it and be free of social pressures and dictates. My best friend wears no makeup, has short hair, wears men's shoes, and is gorgeous. Sometimes when you don't even try or aim for anything, you're beautiful.

This city is doomed when the earthquake hits.

Why??? Because i'm a First Responder. I'm single... and with rents the way they are soon none of us will be able to live in the city. Over $1600. for a 1br in East Van? That's more than half my monthly pay. I can't handle picking up overtime during the fentanyl epidemic just to pay bills. This city is burning me out.

Advertisers Take Note

I AM NOT going to sit through a minute and a half of ads to view a video I had clicked on that I was interested in seeing. 10 or 15 seconds, maybe, anything over that you've lost me, and I'd say pretty much the rest of the world. Anyone else care to weigh in on this? Maybe we can open up the eyes of some idiots out there ;)

Russian women are independent

They are fierce and feminine. Maybe our feminists are, no offence, not as tough? Ours do not demand respect from individuals, but demand respect through government and HR force mechanisms. Sounds a bit like communism, ironically. Russian women are harder workers and more capitalistic, perhaps?

Not a hot hiker

How do all these girls on instagram manage to take selfies of themselves mid-hike where they look flawless and model-like? I always feel and look so disgusting during a hike that the last thing I want is for my photo to be I'd rather focus on the scenery, not myself.


Lotus tattoo on your shoulder

I was dozing in the grass when you sat down near me — circle frames and long blonde hair. I was...


Savage Love: Micro-infidelities and other toxic concepts

We are living in a culture that defines absolutely everything as cheating.