Untold stories

I keep hearing of more and more situations where people are staying in abusive relationships because they can’t afford to move. When finding a place to live is so hard, they’re choosing to stay in physically or mentally abusive situations and the fallout from that is affecting everything around them. Children in those families act out, addiction becomes a problem as people self medicate, crime happens as inner rage bubbles over, etc. When people are desperately unhappy it’s like a ripple effect that radiates to everyone and everything they’re involved with. It feels like we as a society are heading for a massive collapse where all hell is going to break loose.

I just can’t

I have this friend who was never religious and believed in freedom of choice for women. Over the past several years she’s changed because her son and daughter in law apparently became evangelicals and when their daughter got pregnant really young she had to get married, and now she’s got 3 kids and she’s not even 21. I can’t pretend to be happy for them, I just can’t. This kid doesn’t even have a fully grown frontal cortex yet so she has no idea of the impact on her this will have. I can’t celebrate babies raising babies. Of course the kids are cute and yes people can choose what they want to believe, but this kid has been completely indoctrinated so in reality this couldn’t have been an informed decision.

Can We Get Serious?

You calling the bus driver a fucking wanker because YOU don't have the fare to pay? There were so many different ways you could have approached the situation, instead of barging onboard like a spoiled brat, one of them being just asking him to ride for free this time. But YOU decided to do it the asshole way. It's apparent to me from your attitude that you take this path all the time. And for the record, telling someone to go back to their country is fucking racist. The driver wasn't the fucking wanker here. YOU are. I confess I should have reported your stupid ass to the transit police.

Job interviews

Had 2 interviews with company. Just saw that they reposted the job opportunity on all the sites. So now just waiting for that dreaded “Thank you but no thanks” automated email. You’d think they’d tell me first before reposting. I absolutely can’t stand this job market.

$580 million to host the World Cup? Let's see the details

We should demand 100% transparency of the costs to host the World Cup in Vancouver (and Toronto). Something seems bafflingly illogical about this... and we know bodies like FIFA are notoriously corrupt/hyper-capitalist institutions. "The "core cost" of hosting is now pegged at between $483 million and $581 million – approximately double the original range provided when Vancouver was named a host city two years ago. Inflationary pressures and updated FIFA hosting requirements contributed to the increased costs, B.C.'s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport said. Officials also originally anticipated hosting five games in Vancouver, not seven." My thoughts: - We already built the skytrain for the 2010 Olympics so infrastructure = already in place. - BC Place capacity is 54,500 and is set to host 3 Taylor Swift concerts in December 2024 - Whitecaps and Lions games are already enabled for TV broadcast, so the broadcasting ability is there. So I ask you... beyond some reasonable and expected costs, where does this half a billion $$$ +++ estimate come from? This is outrageous. Show the math, prove your work, give the public 100% disclosure of the costs. Contact your MPs and MLAs and local city council officials.

Weirded out

This is making me really uncomfortable…my former spouse and I had a fairly amicable divorce, and both of us moved on with new partners. We share children and as a result we occasionally find ourselves in the same place during special celebrations for birthdays, etc. The thing is that I’ve caught them staring at me several times, almost oblivious to the fact that their new partner is right there and it’s in full view of everyone else. It’s almost like they don’t know they’re doing it or something, and they’ll stare for an extended period of time, like much longer than just a glance. There’s no real expression on their face, just this intense stare. It’s weird because we’ve been apart for about 10 years already and when we split up it was a mutual agreement. I feel like if I say something they’ll just deny it or I’ll be accused of imagining it (a lot of that behaviour during our marriage), but I know what I’ve seen and it’s really weirding me out. My own partner hasn’t mentioned anything so I don’t know if they just haven’t noticed, and I’m not going to say anything about it to them because I don’t want to start anything. I just don’t understand why they’re doing it.

Call me picky

Is it just me, or does anyone else get annoyed at the overwhelming amount of errors in so-called news stories? I’m talking about things like glaring spelling mistakes and even worse, glaring content errors. I just read a news story where it started off by saying “the man” and ended with “she” and “her”. Which is it? It’s just so unprofessional and it’s obvious that no one is proofing any of this drivel. I miss the days of decent journalism.

Lessons from detox

I keep hearing from politicians that there are no simple answers for the drug crisis. There is actually. It is actually something recovering addicts like myself have to face at the beginning of ones rehabilitation journey. Admitting "I" was wrong. "I" f*cked up. Until an advocate, expert, politician, policy maker or anyone takes any accountability for tripling our deaths since we bent the curve in 2019 it won't get better. 7500 deaths in 3 years and zero people are accountable for anything and zero people have come out said "I was wrong." Recovering addicts say it. People helping us never do.

I guess I am doing grief wrong

As far as I can tell you're supposed to have dead mommy birthday parties and post photos and make holiday notes about missing said dead mommy each and every year to remind everyone how deeply you are grieving. I don't see the need or perhaps I am just not narcissistic enough to remind everyone all. the. time. on social media.

I've realized I need therapy.

That's terrifying all by itself. But the idea of actually making a phone call or walking into an office is a bridge too far.


R5 at Main and Hastings

We’re waiting for the bus heading east, you had your skateboard and a bouquet of flowers. We...