Death blow

The reopening rules make it absolutely impossible for me to keep my small business open and profitable. I have decided to give up and do something else. I expect I am not the only one. I believe the waves of unemployment and closures have only just begun. I believe Trudeau pumping money into everything will allow some business to survive for a bit by selling a dollar for 80 cents, but this can't last. They are going to have to loosen the rules soon or it will be the death of this country.

Hermit Island

I've disappeared. The past few years I have had basically no online presence. Barely any real world presence. Did anyone come looking for me? Anyone curious? Concerned? Nope.

It's Too Bad

After being treated with blatant disregard by a long time friend over a matter I took very seriously, and this person knows this, I find it quite sad that during Covid, just nothing, no attempt to rectify things. After so many years as friends, there is this huge hole in my life, and by their silence I understand that for them, "no biggie" It's made me feel nothing towards basically everyone and every situation. What a shame. But really, I should have known better to try, I am such a fool.


I could not imagine bringing a kid into this world right now. Yes, the world's been screwed up for a long time, and this sentiment is not new. But everything's come to a head this year, and the future for future generations seems dimmer than ever.

Yo momma so fat

I'm so lonely that when my phone rings I assume it is a robot or wrong number, and it usually is. Sometimes it scares me because I forget I have a phone, it is so quiet. I've never made friends very easily.

Vancouver peaceful protests

So proud that these big groups remained peaceful. A little concerned that masks and social distancing went out the window.


No thanks! Don't even want to attempt it. Getting married would stink. I don't want to have a traditional relationship. Meeting "the one", marrying them, having children, and living happily ever after is a tiresome social construct.

Wrong Choice

I hooked up with this guy in my building. I know I shouldn't have but its been so long because of COVID since I felt a mans touch and it was electric. I made him wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. It felt amazing but I know what I did was wrong. I am just so ashamed about what I did and I can't tell anyone.


Regents park

You had came up to me speaking about my sunglasses and I’ve turned you down saying I am not in...


Savage Love: Intimacy and hot sex don’t always jibe

Here goes: I’m a 32-year-old gay male and I have trouble staying out of my head during sex. I feel like there may be many issues.