Got sprayed

Had a long day almost forgot, it was late night I figured we could sneak around without a leash, his hair sparkled he prancing from garden to garden and by the time I realized it was real I screamed it was tooo late the skunk sprayed I thought Charlie had the leash on So I bend down to somehow get the dog away , the skunk was chill I was not,, all the way home we tried so hard to blame each other only to bathe in vinegar after midnight.

My old man.

Worked hard all his life. Still working, doing heavy manual labor at age 70. A good person, a kind friend. I wish I could afford to help him retire.


Galina, Sunset Beach Ukrainian sweetheart

Sunset Beach on the grass near the Sylvia, Monday night around 10PM. You were sitting with a male...


Savage Love: Parent-banging boyfriend leaves everyone feeling mortified

If you think walking in on two people getting it on is awkward, try inviting your bi lover to dinner with your parents only to discover that he once had a threesome with them.