Can’t believe

Someone would drive 200 kms to get laid, but if you have no other options what’s a girl to do!

The people of Fetlife

The quality of people there are low, especially Vancouver BC people, in order to be successful there, you need the looks & connections, people on it are so picky choosy, if you're a average looking middle-aged male like myself with no female partner, then you're out of luck even with good hygiene (like me) & does not dress like a slob who just woke up after sleeping on the couch (such as I)....the internet shit really sucks


Is like the Wizard of Oz. The Geat Oz is behind the curtain pulling all the levers while Dorthy and the gang is on the other side of the curtain watching all the magic thinking it is real. So what is reality?

Why is it

Every aspect of human life now has toxins added to it ? Everything ! You trying to get rid of us ?

Be the change

If some people are fed up with the lack of leadership from their Union Local at work, then perhaps they should volunteer to join the Union themselves. Don’t like what you see? Instead of complaining about it, do something about it. Take action! Action speaks louder than words. Otherwise, complacency and apathy get you nowhere. I myself am contemplating on becoming a shop steward and working my way up so that I could make some positive changes in my Union Local. If I could have that mindset, then there’s no reason why you can’t.

East Van tenants are organizing

to fight a potentially devastating real estate loophole. Profits over people ! BC is a giant land mass. Why do the PTB continue to crowd us up into crazy expensive human ant hills ?

Enough is enough

I got tired of dealing with a nosey coworker that kept trying to middle in my business. That person did nothing but bombard me with ridiculous personal questions. This guy was intrusive and persistent. So I told him flat out to stop messaging me and never contact me again. His number has been blocked. Unless you want colleagues to resent you and complain about you behind your back, don’t be a snoop. Otherwise, it makes you look ridiculous. Just focus on your job. You’re not getting paid to pry into other peoples personal lives. Shape up or ship out.

Plan B

Originally I thought that if my industry collapses due to a transition to A.I., that I will return to til the earth and work on a farm. But now the spectre of crop failure is real. The BC Okanagan grape crop is decimated. So now I have to conjure Plans C, D & E. The future is f^%ked.

In retrospect

The world completely changed four years ago when the pandemic hit. Hard to believe it's been four years already since that happened. I work at one of those corporations that are in the list of “BC’s Top 100 Employers.” Working for this type of corporation has been a mixed blessing. So many of us got laid off at the Company (myself included). After over a year, I got recalled back into work. I appreciate my job from the bottom of my heart and fortunate that I didn't completely lose it during Covid. And yet not everyone was as lucky as me. The Managers used Covid as an excuse to get rid of people that they couldn't even fire since they got very selective about offering shifts once the storm blew over. There were existing staff that were ready and able to work, yet they hired people from outside the Company to take shifts. Some of those employees did not deserve to be let go so subtly, but others did. The ones that actually didn’t a good job probably had it coming. Oh well, sucks to be them. Nothing to do about it. I’m just glad I’m not their situation whatsoever.

Agreed 100 percent

Someone wrote a very classy post on here, saying how there’s nothing worse than watching someone shares their thoughts through the filter of what other people are doing. Not sure what type of experience you had, but you basically described my coworker. No one likes him. He’s very persistent when it comes to personal questions and does nothing, but bombard people with gossip. A lot of my colleagues are fed up with him. He shouldn’t even be working for our company anymore. If I was one of the higher ups, that person would’ve been terminated a long time ago. Boy, it amazes me how some people in the workplace are, without a doubt, unprofessional. Thankfully, he hasn’t contacted me in a while. But if he does, so, I’ll just tell him to get a life and block his number.


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You complimented my green earbuds and earrings at the new west skytrain Station while waiting for...