Names you don’t hear anymore

I’m tired of these same stupid names you hear these days. Cody, Blake, Ethan, Chelsea....meh. Hailey, Kailey and Bailey sound like the biggest bunch of Queen bees. Whatever happened to good old names like Frank, Sally, Albert, George, Sasha, Henry, Klaus or Otto?

Why is your skiing or mtn biking more important than everyone’s health?

I’m upset that many people are complaining that they’re being asked to not ski, mtn bike, climb, or do other higher risk activities right now. These facebook groups have hundreds of people saying they’ll do what they want and this is such a sacrifice to their mental health. WTF. There are 1000s of people laid off, with more coming each week, all stressed about the possibility of months without money. All the people working in healthcare who are going to be overworked and stressed and exposed to the virus every day. So many people who are immunocompromised and on heightened alert and trapped at home. All the small business owners not sure if they can survive more than a month of closure. But screw them all right? Cause you need another trip to ski climb mtn bike with your crew. Going to other towns, pumping gas, hanging out in groups, leaving a trail of who knows what, posting pics, setting an example to ignore all the messages to stay home. And if you get hurt and need search and rescue, paramedics, nurses, doctors, a hospital bed... screw them right?

What i'm thankful for

I don't yet personally know anyone that has this virus. I live alone. No more roommates (thank the sky friends). I fixed that old espresso machine earlier this year. I have enough to pay my rent. I have food and can get food. I turn on my tap and there's clean water. I take a shit in a washroom, alone, usually on the internet. I have the internet. The fact that i'm canadian and live in a country that will not be completely devastated by this virus. Board games with solitaire option. My plants. Music! Everyone reading this from their homes where they should be and where they should stay.

Too independent

I must have a soul mate Somewhere but We can’t be together Because I smoke pot And he prefers the harder things He wanted to get married and have a family I wanted to become someone worth marrying Before I had a family I had no idea that i’d have to choose one Over the other How unfair to live a life Healing myself from traumas Brought on by men To vigilantly protecting myself from Men only to reach a stage Where Men no longer want me And I’m dying to be loved by them. Looking into my aging eyes reminds them Of their own mortality. I’ve always loved the maturity Of an older man Yet I cant compete with the reassurance Of a much younger woman. I wanted to be cool for him So we could live a cool life Together and grow old In an unconventional way He wanted a smaller version Of me. Same smile, same hair But with a smaller More showcaseable body I wanted a smart man But Being smart is very attractive And he married someone who really Wanted to get married. Smart men don’t need to stay single Being single is more work And that isn’t smart I wanted to be independent For him So we could be equal partners In life He wanted to feel needed And knowing that I could Do it without him Made him insecure I worked on myself I stopped comparing myself To other women. But he liked it when I was jealous It made him feel powerful The drama that I worked so Dilligently to remove from my life Was the substance he built His existence around It gave him a sense of purpose I wanted to find someone Who has seen some shit Yet still lives in the light But those men are pieces That fit someone else’s puzzle I wanted to find true love When I’d really grown up Only I grew up into An era full of porn and polyamory I accept that I was never meant To bear children of my own There was a reason I couldn’t picture it But I wanted someone to love me so much that they wanted To have children with me I can live without the children But without that love? It never occurred to me that I’d have to.


I'm so sick of hearing about the corona...however, the amount of jokes this gave me/us is amazing haha

It’s going to be a long haul

I’m usually a pretty positive person. But the facts and science behind COVID-19 don’t paint a good picture. Honestly I don’t see our consumer society returning to its globe-trotting, festival-attending, beer swilling in clubs and restaurants for a year or more. This is a global infection that needs to die down. I can’t wrap my head around how it will all play out, especially south of the border from us, in America and Mexico. I have confidence in Canada and the guidance from the health ministers. But controlling COVID-19 in the USA and Mexico.... again the facts about those two countries makes me very pessimistic. If Canada gets it under control, how can we exist alongside the USA where it will be a catastrophe with 50 states all doing different things? I have moments of shock. I grieve for so many things too many to count. I know we will get to the other side of the tunnel but I’m fucking scared of what will happen before we get there.

I confess

I couldn't help but associate Vancouver to the original Twin Peaks tv show when I first moved here. This place feels like it has a "Black Lodge". So many weirdos. The born and bred BC'ers are like the Log Lady. There's a prevalence of stupidity here. There is a weird negative aura to everyone in this place. I still remember driving down Davie st. One Saturday moring and seeing nothing but wasted addicts, there was a guy who looked normal, he was at a bus stop wearing a business suit, but as I passed I noticed one of the legs of his suit were missing. That about sums up this place for me. Something missing here. Something important.

Competitive Couple

Once in our twenties my wife and I were hiking Lynn Peak and we were taking it slow on the descent. This couple in their 40s kept passing us every time we stopped for a minute or two. It was a bit like the tortoise and the hare because we were faster (when moving) so we'd pass them and then stop and they'd pass us again. It started to feel like a bit of a race. So finally we just started running down the mountain. They saw us fly past them and immediately broke into a run to try and keep up. Or maybe they assumed we were being chased by a bear. Anyway it was hilarious to look back at them running full speed down the slope. We won.

Rental hell

I'm trapped in my rental situation. I live in an ok shared home, but if I lived anywhere but Vancouver, I'd want to — and have a chance to — move. But here, the options are so bleak, I guess I'll just stay where I am until the affordability crisis eventually drives me out of the city. Why are all room rentals in Vancouver not only hopelessly expensive, but oppressive and impersonal? Half the ads seem to be boarding homes advertising strange cell-like rooms pre-furnished with tiny cots. Or else landlords advertise rooms in shared homes, rather than tenants having a say in who they'll live with. No wonder people say Vancouver has a loneliness epidemic. We're a city of boarders, not homes. And while I'm at it, fuck every politician and city official who has sat idly by while Vancouver's housing market transformed into what it is now. I make a decent amount of money, but I'm not going to throw away $1000+ a month just to rent some chamber of depression in someone's cash-cow rental. I hoped Vancouver would be my forever city, but at this point I'm planning to get out within a year. I hope everyone else who cares about art and culture drains out with me. It's time to get out of the world's most beautiful husk of a city.

Heavy breathing joggers

I confess that I’m the ‘crazy bitch’ who extends my dog’s leash 2 meters when you jog past me on the Seawall in such close proximity that I can smell your b.o.. Doctors say that running increases the chances of producing micro-droplets that can transmit the virus from person to person, if too close. So , if you’re gonna take up jogging during a pandemic (ya, talking to you running in your Vans) , then respect the distancing metrics or I’ll do it for you .


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...


Savage Love: Weigh the risk of intimacy in a pandemic

My question is on managing “grey area” intimacies during the pandemic.