I confess I have 3 wishes for 2021

- COVID vaccine - Biden becomes US president (Trump's madness will just be a nasty footnote in history) - real police reform happens One of the above would make me happy, I know the chance of all 3 is next to zero.

Stay out of wreck beacb

Go to Jericho or every other beach to keep your bathing suit on. When you come here fully clothed just to say you're here and look cool or to spectate you ruin the community. You make the nudies the minority. Be a part of it, to help normalize it (in that setting alone of course) or don't bother. Not trying to be rude but the decrease of naked people at wreck has completely changed because yall come in here fully clothed. what was once a totally different world and a very open and easy vibe, is now just another Jericho. The gentrification is truly saddening. When you're naked there its okay, because so is everyone else. And you see all types of bodies and people just being themselves and enjoying the beach without judgement. A lot of people don't feel comfortable doing that now because we're becoming the odd ones out. Be a part of it or go somewhere else, please.

Stanley Park without cars was awesome...

Been riding my bike in Stanley Park regularly since March when they banned car traffic. I went for a ride yesterday and was so disappointed to see all the cars driving through again... I was enjoying the quieter version of the park which required you to actually walk or ride a bike to reach some areas of the park. I suppose those with less mobility can enjoy the park again and that is totally fair but something deep down irks me to see the return of vehicles...

Ok here’s a good one you voyeurs

I had sex with my co worker a couple times during covid. Turns out she has a boyfriend or something. She scored some dope off me and cut it off without really saying anything. I’m not really worked up over it though. Best sex of my life. And it had been a while anyway so it was good to dust off my junk. Did I mention shes crazy hot?

You know what ?

I think Jim Patterson should run for mayor. :)

I miss

the anonymous autonomy i had before getting a smart phone. I'm sad about the loosening of lockdown too. I loved the barely busy roads and mostly empty places. (yes i like people, just not lots of them all day long)

End the use of the term ‘something-Canadian’

I am a Canadian citizen. I happened to be born in Canada almost 70 years ago, but that is not the point as it doesn’t matter if I was born in Canada or if I ( or my family ) made a conscious decision to come to Canada and become Canadian citizens. A Canadian citizen is a Canadian citizen, period, end. My ancestral family came to Canada in 1840 from England. This origin again matters not…I do not now, nor have I ever, identified as an “English-Canadian”, or any other “something-Canadian”. I am a Canadian citizen, period, end. It should be noted that people born in Canada, like me, are never called on to swear allegiance to Canada, while those that do make a conscious decision to come here and help us make this country a good place to be do swear allegiance to Canada ( and to the queen, but that is a different subject ) While we are on the subject of origin though, I will say again that I do not now, nor have I ever, identified as ’something’ other than, well, just me, a Canadian…even though no less of an authority than the U.S. based organization National Geographic’s Genographic 2.0 Project tells me ( after testing my DNA ) that my ancestry is comprised of 2% native american, 17% southwestern asian, 37% mediterranean, and 45% northern european. Further, spread across all of the foregoing ancestries, I apparently carry a 2.9% portion of neanderthal in my make up. The point of this ancestral information is simply for the sake of my own curiosity, it has no bearing whatsoever on my citizenship. So, to the point of not using labels for people, I am not a ‘something-Canadian’ nor is anyone else. We are all Canadians, end, period. There is no such thing as a ‘something- Canadian’. Think about it, who do you see in the mirror ?…yourself of course, and, if you are lucky, or have had the courage to come here and become one, a Canadian. One more thing...I do not like having our places of birth on our passports by default. We are citizens of Canada, a free and democratic country. If another country doesn’t want us to visit their country because of where we were born then we don’t want to go to that country.

Too bad, so sad

I think one of the saddest things I’ve seen is when people really love someone or want something, but because of their fear of showing their vulnerability, they refuse to show or share it. Some people only seem able to reveal true emotions or love when they’re drunk, which leads the recipient of that revelation doubting the sincerity. Some never reveal it. What a waste of precious time! As if they have an unlimited supply of hours and opportunities in their life to somehow catch up. As if there will always be another chance or another love. So sad. As for me, I learned long ago that foolish pride should never be more important than love. Making sure that the one I love never has to wonder or doubt how I feel. Does it make me weak to admit it? Hell no. It means I’m so freaking strong that I can handle being vulnerable.

Stay out of BC

A friend of a friend is coming out from Quebec for a quick vacation and the selfishness of it makes me so mad. Why would this person think they deserve a non-essential vacation more than anyone else in these times? They aren't staying long enough to self isolate any time. Blows my mind.


Blue capped wearing guy on the 361

To the very nice guy, with the blue hat, sweet smile, sunburn and patience while riding on the...


Savage Love: Does coming-out dread inform kinks later in life?

I have a question. I’m a gay man in a relationship and we’re both really happy since we met a year ago.