ugly legs

I wish that 50 - something women would wear shorts that actually flatter their figure instead of wearing the short shorts that only look good on teens and twenty-somethings instead of trying too hard to find someone to admire them. Sure, you may skip a lot of meals to keep those legs as slim as you like them but the skin is old, and the muscles you do not have are sagging, lets face it the whole package is old and you women with slim but aging legs look like death warmed over at the best of times, because you are not athletic or very healthy and believe me you look your age

I'm fortunate

I bought my toilet paper early... but I'm still thinking about buying more. I know... it's crazy, but it's exactly what you're thinking too.

Train Etiquette

If you're standing directly in front of the opening skytrain door waiting to get on, I will purposefully walk into you even if I could easily go around.

Quiet thought

I want the virus to spread and infect everyone. I want everyone to contemplate that they might die, that those they love or simply value may die. Some may finally awaken to the level of interconnected ness of our civilization and maybe just maybe toss aside their outdated ideas and greed. I want covid to be the kick to the balls we all need to start fixing our society and planet.

Travelers We Resent You

I work at the airport. I checked you in to your last minute Hawaii flight even though warnings asked us all to stay home. You didn't care..... you still went. As a result WE Airport / airline employees have to still be here to cater to you bunch of entitled pricks. Fyi*** EVERY AIRPORT AND AIRLINE EMPLOYEE RESENTS YOU FOR STILL TRAVELING.... you walk past us and we roll our eyes, we all talk about how stupid you are behind your back. When uou're offloading from your trip and you cough in my face, you stand so close I can feel your breTh on my face..... it's disgusting!! Why are you still traveling?? We resent you.... but hey still come to the airport ...... and you'll see fake smiles from all of us!!!! You should have been back home 2 Weeks ago btw- I WANT TO BE AT HOME. STOP FUCKING TRAVELING PLEASE!!! We ALL can't stand you...... just so you know : ))

Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student

what she considered the first sign of civilization in a culture. The student expected Mead to talk about fish hooks or clay pots or grinding stones. But no, Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture was a femur (thighbone) that had been broken then healed. Mead explained, that in the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You can not run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt food. You are meat for prowling beasts. No animal survives a broken leg long enough for the bone to heal. A broken femur that has healed is proof that someone has taken time to stay with the person who has fell, has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery. ‘Helping someone through difficulty is where civilization starts’ said Mead. We are at our best when we serve others. Be civilized.” - by Dr. Ira Byock, in his book on palliative medicine The Best Care Possible: A Physician’s Quest to Transform Care Through the End of Life (Avery, 2012).

I'd Rather

Fuck myself silly with an oversized dildo than date the bag of giant dicks this city has to offer.

Can’t find a serious relationship

It is because there is a high list of dating requirements that women in all other countries do not have... this isn’t LA, is it? Poor west coast is going to have some old single people in the future.. Unless... men can magically transform their selves into such: - vegetarian - non-smoker - property owner - puts relationship before work (aka. Rich and doesn’t really have to work) - must be a trendy burning man image even though Burning Man has been taken over by rich tech workers who killed its soul and stole burning man from the creators - must not play video games - must travel for recreation everywhere and all the time - exercises regularly, as doesn’t have to work and goes to the gym while traveling regularly Any of the above are necessary for a successful relationship in Vancouver. But why? Grow up. As nobody is perfect, people are going to have to lower their requirements. Everyone is just so uptight and unrealistic.

Bad Guy

About 4.5 years ago I left an abusive relationship with a narcissistic man who made my life hell for almost 2 years. I still see him around every couple of months as we still live in the same neighbourhood, and in that time he's had about 10-15 new girlfriends. It always make me sad because I realize they are all going to go down the same path I did, because I wish that I could warn them. Admittedly I learned a lot about myself in the aftermath, but it makes me sad that all of these other women are going to go on a really unpleasant emotional journey, and there's nothing I can do about it. Also just a shout out: I posted a confession on here about 1.5 years after I left him, and some of the commenters posted some really good advice about befriending myself, creating healthier boundaries, working on my self regard, and though they were hard to hear at the time, they made a big difference to me and really helped me in a dark time, so thanks to the folks that post really solid and constructive advice. I am doing so much better now that I've taken heed. <3


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...


Savage Love: Weigh the risk of intimacy in a pandemic

My question is on managing “grey area” intimacies during the pandemic.