They’re listening

I’m convinced that my devices are listening to my conversations, even though I have maximum privacy settings engaged. Too frequently an ad will suddenly appear about something that was randomly mentioned in a conversation, even when there was no searching for it online, or any discussion of it online. I love the convenience of my device, but I’m getting really creeped out by it. Apple swears that they’re not, but it’s just too frequent to be coincidental.


I’m so done with friends that say they want to get together and then bail. After all this time being unable to see anyone you’d think they wouldn’t take it for granted. I won’t be making time for people that don’t stick to plans any longer. Even if I have no friends I’d rather at least be able to do things alone than wait all day for people to say they aren’t coming. What a waste of time!


This pandemic only intensified my hatred for stupid humans and my love for cute animals.

I hate Classic Rock 101

I used to love listening to Classic Rock 101 back in the day, but it's getting boring. They play the same ten overrated songs by bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Aerosmith and the Eagles. There's so many other amazing rock bands that deserve more radio play these days. So Classic Rock 101, I'm done. You've ruined Hotel California for me.

Sad awareness

When this pandemic forced mass shutdowns, people had a lot of time to reflect. I hoped people could figure out themselves and the things that truly matter, like our relationships with others and the value of our fellow human beings. But seeing how people are acting now, I have lost all hope for humanity overall. Most people have reverted to the same behaviors as if nothing happened if not worse. They learned nothing, not about themselves, not about the value of others, nothing. Not a damn thing. After a huge time out, most people just paused their minds. I dread things returning to normal. Being a selfish douche seems to be the new norm. What will it take?


I got drunk and had mind blowing sex with my friend. Then I got sober and tried it again and realized how much I liked him and got all shaky and weird and had terrible sex. I couldn’t even look at him. It was awful and I think he was confused. The problem is I don’t think I can perform the way I did when I was drunk, when I’m sober. The worst part is, I can’t orgasm when I’m drunk but when I orgasm sober I look like I have Parkinson’s. It has everything to do with being insecure and being unsure if this dude actually likes me. It’s the worst thing ever.

Totally hopeless

I've spent the past year terrified of covid and horrified by the onus of accepted risk being put disproportionately upon low income mostly service industry workers while offering them no other options. No sick days, can't get support unless you're fired or laid off and a delayed implementation of mask regulations made work extremely difficult last October/November. My mental health has really suffered and it's not covered by 'universal' healthcare; if you're lucky you have coverage through work. At this point I have no friends and feel worthless. The only calls I get are scams trying to get my money. The only work available puts me at risk of getting covid so I can make money for a boss that will fire me if I don't eat shit with a smile, all the while they work in their office or at home risk free. On top of this the 'socialist' NDP give these businesses covid relief that should go to the employees that are actually struggling mentally and financially. So what's my worth? If I have no intrinsic value and am merely a productivity number for the economy then I want to opt out because I feel worthless. So, yeah BC. Drop mask mandates JUST before reaching vaccination levels at which masks should be optional. We need to go back to making money for the wealthy at the expense of the working class. Good job. The N in NDP stands for Neolib I suppose.

Gone commando

Because it’s so hot outside, I decided to just go commando inside my track pants. I don’t care. It feels comfortable. And besides! I won’t have to wash my underwear these days. Sometimes you just need to do and wear what works best for you. You do you.

Can't take it with you

My grandparent just moved out of the home their spouse (long departed) built in the 50s . It's a sad occasion, a home with so many memories slated to be emptied and sold off. Pack up a suitcase and pictures and leave the rest behind to be the contents of an estate sale. Nothing of real value, just fixtures in an outdated dwelling. I wonder what is going through my grandparent's mind. If they are ready for the next phase of their days, living in an expensive 'hospital' sized room, far away from friends and family who cannot easily drop by for a cup of tea or coffee. It really makes you think about mortality and how this generation focuses so much on "stuff". You can't take it with you...

New Normal

It's not polite to ask, but If I hear about someone passing, I automatically assume it's from fentanyl, not corona.


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