I can't say this to anyone but I'm thriving

My industry has completely shut down so I haven't worked since March but my husband makes six figures and (currently) works from home so money is not a problem. I feel bad about the state of the world but personally I'm loving this lockdown. We don't have any kids so all I do is clean, cook, garden, yoga and walk the dogs. My skin looks great and I sleep like a baby. The only thing that stresses me out is when I read about measures being taken to reopen.


I am literally going crazy because of my incredibly annoying neighbours. I don’t hate children. I have some and some grandchildren too. But enough is enough. These people obviously think that everyone else enjoys the sound of their children screaming just as much as they do. They’ve decorated their yard like a Sesame Street set (this is a condo with mostly adults by the way), they have nightly parties with at least 6 loud adults and 4-5 kids. They play kids music outside. They let their kids bang drums and cymbals and so on. They carry on loud cell phone conversations outside while the kids are playing and yelling and banging. Complaints made to management resulted in quiet for about 5 minutes. I’m going to have to sell my unit now because I just can’t stand it anymore. This was supposed to be my peaceful happy place, but now it’s a daycare centre and I don’t know where I’m going to go.

There's too many fish

I've been so bored with my marriage lately. All this free time and we never do it. I'm so tired of asking. I always catch eyes when I'm out and I'm done with waiting. I know I am not alone in this. Do you guys know that feeling when you can tell the other person needs it as bad as you, and your the only person who can give it to them? I haven't felt that in years. I miss that. I have a friend, and I think their partner feels the same way.. I've been so tempted lately. The way they dress just makes me want to call them up. Maybe today I will..

Will we learn from this?

I want so much to say we will! We will stop using credit to pay for meaningless material possessions. We will choose alternative fuels, sustainable goods and to support businesses that do good in the world. We will cook for ourselves, using less meat and more local produce, and save going out for real celebrations. We will cherish our friends, families and lovers for bettering our lives for the time we have them. We will stop letting our irrational fears prevent us from saying “yes” to new opportunities. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we all took this moment in time, breathed in and out, and committed to doing better for ourselves, for our communities and for our planet?

Stigma / Double Standard

Let me get this straight. It's alright for my neighbours to shriek and holler and laugh loudly at all hours, blast music that thumps the walls, or bang on their patio railings. But I get a noise complaint for crying too loud and swearing during this traumatic time? I'm sorry if you heard my human emotions while you were standing in the hallway. The walls/doors in this old place are paper thin. But what your noise complaint is saying, essentially, is that if you heard 'nice' things (i.e. loud laughter and partying) you'd be alright with that; but my very real and human emotions that you don't like hearing are worthy of a noise complaint. I can't begin to describe how that felt. Yes, I was having a hard time and I was crying very loud. I swore a lot, yeah. For you to call the building manager on me is mean. Have some compassion, please. I can't control the shitty sound in our apartments. I am a human. I am having a hard time. I am doing my best. I wasn't yelling my head off. Give me a break. Now I'm worried about getting evicted because of your complaints. And you have NO IDEA what I am going through.

Common Sense

Ive been wondering if we’ve all been locked in doors for 6-8 weeks and Covid has a 2 week life how was COVID-19 still spreading? Sure there are health workers and seniors, but that couldn’t be cause all the transmissions. Yeah there are people flying back from other countries late...but they are immediately self isolating right? Today I went to Kits Beach for the first time (social distancing and a mask). I watched as a group of couples slowly started gathering (friends from clearly different families) they also came at different times. Then there was 10. Zero attempt to spread out...Then the hugging started. I wondered: Did they get a different memo then rest of us? Were they a part of the COVID-19 survivors club? ...nope just STUPID!!! Same as the cramped night club they broke up Same as 1000s packed shoulder to shoulder for a rabbi’s funreal (who died of Covid 19 ironically) Same as the people that went shopping right after they came across the border and were told to self isolate. Same as the women I’ve seen for the past month walking together shoulder to shoulder in groups of 4+ that didn’t look related. Same as the construction works 1 foot apart with no PPE Same as the MMR anti vaccine idiots ...just f’n STUPID!!! I wonder why do I bother sometimes?

Something doesn't seem right

If the government can successfully shut down everything as we know it, witnessing from this covid-19 thing. Why can't they do the same with plastics and pollution? Your telling me they can hault entire cities , people, restaurants, banks, production plants, etc but can't hault plastics and pollution? Im begining to think they just dont want to.

License to kill

As the roads become less dense. The drivers become denser. Just because there's more space on the road does not give you a free pass to drive recklessly or forget how to use your signal lights. If your hands and brains are too lame to signal, get out of the ass damn vehicle and walk instead.

A lady in the supermarket yesterday

started putting her groceries on the conveyor belt right behind mine and just had no clue about social distancing. The cashier and I just looked at each other before telling her to knock it off. Is this stupidity, ignorance, just plain asshole behavior?? I mean, what in the actual fuck is it?

Stanley park far better

Let's just get rid of the tourists and cars permanently. If we were a progressive city, we would... instead, we will do anything for $1. Mmmmmm..... money and corruption.


I almost crashed my bike on Adanac by the...

You: awesome knee-high blue socks. Me: salmon floral shirt and glasses. You flashed me a smile...


Savage Love: The dumpee will meet someone else

I don’t want to become one of those people who write to you complaining about how I married someone I wasn’t sexually compatible with 10 years ago and now my sex life still sucks.