They do know

I used to make excuses for my ex’s bad behaviour. I used to think maybe he just didn’t understand how it was hurting me and if I could just explain it to him he’d stop. But no matter how many times I explained nothing changed. My therapist made me see things more clearly when she said that if someone only behaves in certain ways when you’re alone with them, they know exactly what they’re doing. It was a lightbulb moment for me. If they know enough to hide it, they know that what they’re doing is wrong, so abusing you is a CHOICE.

Alt-Punk to Prep

I don't know if it is the political mess or growing to age and my maturity levels changing with time. The issue is that I used to dress super alternatively, want to cover myself with tattoos, and I would only date those like me. Now I'm sort of repulsed by punks. I see how juvenile they are. I sort of want to be a well-dressed prep with a few tattoos showing now. I'd gladly date someone without tattoos. Any other ex-punks feel the same way?

The tables have turned

There was a confession about a man mistreating a dog, and today I saw a dog mistreating a man. I called the SPCA on it.

People who don't use head phones are sad...

Every time I'm on the bus & I hear multiple people cranking the volume up on their devices, I don't get mad, I just think you're all sad. When I hear a group of people blasting their blue tooth speakers at the northern end of the Lynn Valley trail, ruining the serene beauty, peace & quite that the rest of us seek in nature, I don't become envious of their high-tech toys that just end up in a dump in two years. I just think to myself: how incredibly sad. I think you all sad. I'm not jealous, not envious, not mad, not angry. No. I just feel sorry for you all. I feel sorry for you because your parents obviously did a very poor job of raising you. I feel sorry for you because you will never know what it's like to switch your disposable toys off, to put them away, & to get to know your fellow human beings while riding transit. It's also particularly sad to think that none of you will ever know what it's like to sit in nature, by yourselves, without any noise to distract you, & to simply enjoy existing. Truly, truly sad.


Trudeau just announced he will be pledging 2 billion dollars for affordable housing to begin to be built in a few years to BC housing What about people who need housing now? BC housing, isn't this the non profit organization that was caught laundering money ? How does a "non profit"organization launder money any way ? With 2 billion dollars apparently! What a joke !


I’ve heard people say that we shouldn’t have regrets, and mostly that’s how I live. But when I think about it, I realize that the regrets I do have are always because of the times I didn’t listen to my own voice. I listened to the people who said I wasn’t good enough to want better. The ones who told me not to ask for anything. To settle for any guy no matter how awful he was or how wrong we were together. Marry him because you can’t just be a single woman. Wow were they wrong. So here’s what I say to any young woman now: don’t settle! Do what feels right in your own gut. Listen very carefully to your instincts because they’re going to guide you better than any other person ever could. Don’t seek perfection in a relationship but don’t settle for one that doesn’t make you sing either. If I had it all to do over, I would never get married. I would have done the things that were important to me, not the things that made my parents happy. I’ve made my peace with the decisions I made in the past because you can’t change them, but I will always be honest about my feelings now. If I had known then how huge a sacrifice I was making, I would not have made it.

My Supervisor got pregnant by me and I'm leaving for my home country soon!

My supervisor is older than me by ten years (im in my early 20's) and I have been having great sex with her for 6 months. She told me she is now pregnant and is keeping the baby. But she does not know that I am not a Canadian citizen and my tourist visa is running out in a few months after it was renewed twice, so I have to return to my home country. I will NOT be telling her about that. I have my flight ticket and will be leaving in three weeks. My country has no legal agreements with Canada for anything so she is SOL and she can't find me because she doesn't know where I live with my parents and our government services is very very bad and has addresses where we haven't lived since I was child. Even my passport has old addresses! I may see how child is doing in 20 years if she keeps it but I had my fun here. Thanks Canada!

I don't care

Whenever I see people on Hinge that write inane things in their profiles, I just make of them. One weirdo bragged about her un godly obsession with dad bods and beards, so I messaged her first with one word. "Why?" And then another demands that her future boyfriend "Must follow Christ." So then I said, "Whether you believe in God or Mother Nature is nobody's business but your own." I just call them out. Of course I may get criticized but it doesn't bother me.

Who you talking to?

Every time I see some strange weirdo talking to themselves out loud and cussing at the air or mumbling to the air, I just walk right away and avoid them at all costs. Just who the fuck are these losers even talking to? Trees and inanimate objects like lamposts are not alive! They do not eat, breathe or grow. Idiots. I’ve had all the schizophrenia I can take.

What is is your word worth these days?

"I have no interest in knowing someone else, not in the way I know you!" You said. Now you are dating: -wearing that cologne I gifted you -sleeping in the sheets we bought together -going for walks with MY dog Fast backwards 6 years ago: broke and shit credit. I stood by you. No, you did not leave then. That joke is on me. If I see you on the walk, I will hold my head high. You see, I don't have to look for my dignity anywhere. At least I afforded me that luxury. Do, change street/direction, if you ever run into me. The world would be better for everyone that way.


Quick smile through the car window

You were waiting at the light in the rain holding two (whole foods?) grocery bags, I was in the...