Work on that s***!

Have you ever noticed how people’s weird behaviour gets progressively weirder the older they get? I recently ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a few years and we decided to get together for lunch. She always had some weird and annoying idiosyncrasies, and that was one of the reasons why we stopped hanging out in the past. During our get together it became clear that not only had she not done any work on her behaviour, it was worse than ever. Like obsessing over minor stuff that most of us just shrug off, being really controlling about where we parked, etc. Just generally annoying habits that are really off-putting. So we probably won’t be getting together again much and that’s sad because there’s a lot of good things about her that I like. But all I remember from before is that her behaviour was just so irritating that it overshadowed the good things and made me not want to be around her anymore. So people, work on that s*** while you’re young! Don’t let your obsessions become so annoying (like people who announce their diet preferences to the world and talk about them incessantly for example) that no one wants to hang out with you when you’re older.

It's a sad statement...

When people depend on Tik Tok or Instagram etc for their livelihood & the promote their products.

I like you

I like to write modern poetry and sci-fi. I am not very good. One day about five years ago I decided to try a murder mystery. I had the outline, the basic idea for the three acts, but needed a perfect murder. I was stumped for a year. Then I came up with a murder, so simple, so clean, so easy and so totally unsolvable that I will never, ever write it down. It's because I like people. It would start a tsunami of murders, I kid you not.

Not so secret confession now..

But I wish the lower mainland were like Nebraska where we all turned to Jesus & lived godly lives worked hard raised traditional families where men were men & ladies were ladies no fancy flamboyant living basic living children respected their parents & elders no internet no tv or cellphones sitting as a family at dinnertime in prayerful rock music no rap or jazz no reggae no disco.....just music that lifts us up to the lord no fancy type flashy Bible's....just the traditional one that's real.

I know I’ve reached a life milestone

I used to love fashion, getting dressed up, colours, textures, thrifting for unique finds, etc. accessorizing, peacocking, being stylish. Now I look forward to wearing my black Walmart hoodie. Lost the desire to open my wallet, to shop, spend hours doing all the above, to impress and influence the outside world. This is the post-consumerist me.


It’s not my imagination. I understand that now. Somehow he always manages to manipulate situations so that he gets his own way, time after time. We can make a plan to do something I suggest, but somehow it usually winds up being what he wanted to do instead. If you point it out to him he acts all confused and innocent and hurt that you’d suggest such a thing. He gaslights constantly so that you find yourself wondering if you’re just being too suspicious. But it’s happened so often that I no longer doubt my own perception anymore. He’s a manipulator, pure and simple.

I keep on seeing billion dollar numbers in the news

But I swear, they just feel so abstract and made up now. I think the problem is nobody believes these numbers are worth anything. It feels like people are buying a sinking and collapsing system.

Worse than speaker phone…

…is when people take a call in their car as they’re parked, and instead of switching it to the phone, they leave it on Bluetooth through the car speakers. I so love having to listen to your entire conversation conversation at full blast as you sit outside my place while I’m trying to work from home. Even better when you do it late at night when I and the rest of the building occupants are trying to sleep. Just lovely. So considerate of you.

It’s not shyness

I confess that I’m tempted. But I’m not responding because I’m too shy. I’m not responding because I’ve gone into protective mode. For too long I put myself into situations that were almost guaranteed to cause me harm, and after so much pain and suffering I’m finally protecting myself. But oh yeah, I’m tempted. For now I’m staying right where I am, safe in my little hideaway, until I’ve healed enough to want to face the world again.


JJ Bean Babe

I come in for my morning London Fog and Umami Wrap. You’re usually working and even if you don’t...