Gen Z

It's so sad to watch them perform stunts like jumping over roof-tops all for clicks and you know they have about 5 years max left on their life. That's a very desperate and anxious generation.

Wild Geese and poetry

I don’t know what it means to be a man. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’d prefer to learn what it means to be a person. In the past I’ve noticed a lot of confusing messages and societal pressures to be and do specific not necessarily healthy or personally affirming and attuned things. When I see pictures of men beside women they appear overdressed, almost like they are repressed, uncomfortable in their bodies and I feel sad. I’d be heart warmed to see men embrace their bodies as everyone else is. Yet, maybe I have to start with myself and figure out what such a thing would look like for me. Embracing and understanding sexuality and how unique and special it can be.

The real deal

I’m not a fan of all these hotshots celebrities that get big roles and animated movies such as Chris Pratt, doing Mario and Garfield. Or Seth Rogen doing Donkey Kong’s voice. When will these animation companies stop using big name celebrities and start hiring professional cartoon voice actors instead real cartoon voice actors actually create their own voices? These Hollywood celebrities just don’t do it for me. They’re not funny. boy, cartoons. These days are just not funny anymore. Whatever happened to the old days where a character would walk on fin air fall off a cliff and then have stars flying around his head? Now those are funny!


I question myself. Up until now I have never had these kinds of thoughts before. Lately, I’ve often been wondering what would life be like if I were a woman instead of a man. I wonder if maybe I’m going through something?


I have two children and I don't think its any man I am dating's business until I am good and ready to tell them. I want them to get to know me first. The last 2 men have just disappeared as soon as I told them. My children are amazing. The men in Vancouver need to grow a pair.

What's your rumor?

What are the most ridiculous rumors you've heard about yourselves? Let's hear them! Go for it! Here's one about me. People in my office often wondered how I got to work early just because I lived in the back of the building. So they assumed I was some homeless person living in the bushes and hedges.

Boomers had it so easy

Boomers had it so easy We were born in the shadows of the Great Depression and the Second World War, the profound and terrible adversities faced by our fathers and mothers, the hard lessons they never forgot, and never let us forget. We lived before the age of abundance, before the credit revolution that enabled undeferred gratification in all things. We lived through the inquisition of McCarthyism, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam. We lived through the Age of Conformity. We lived through the recession of the 1950s, as deep as the Great Depression, although not nearly as long. We lived through enforced conscription and military service. We lived through Polio Epidemics before the Salk vaccine. We lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis that seemed about to annihilate all human life on earth. We lived through the assassinations of political leaders and civil rights leaders. We lived through the tragedy and the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. We lived through a time when sexual diversity was a criminal offence. We lived through a time when a woman could not get a mortgage. We lived through a time when mortgage interest rates were as high as 20%. And where we were able to, we changed those things, mostly for the better. It didn't seem like it was so easy.


People that have schizophrenia belong in a mental hospital. Homeless people belong in a shelter. People who are homeless, and mentally ill don’t need free drugs. They need to be away from drugs. Period.

Alt-Punk to Prep

I don't know if it is the political mess or growing to age and my maturity levels changing with time. The issue is that I used to dress super alternatively, want to cover myself with tattoos, and I would only date those like me. Now I'm sort of repulsed by punks. I see how juvenile they are. I sort of want to be a well-dressed prep with a few tattoos showing now. I'd gladly date someone without tattoos. Any other ex-punks feel the same way?


I’d rather not date divorced people again. All they ever do is you drag you in the middle of the relationships with their ex spouses and their kids. Most of them just seem to want sex.


You brown toque and mustache on new west...

You complimented my green earbuds and earrings at the new west skytrain Station while waiting for...