Too close to home

On my social media today everybody was talking about America but no-one would touch alcoholism. Day 11 sober if anyone cares.


I know its s not a confession but, I just want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend (yes, even with the rain. I love it). I hope you are all safe, healthy, and well. To all you beautiful humans that feels sad, lonely, etc I want to say hello. When you feel low / sad step outside of your home and go hangout at a park/ bench/ etc and observe your surroundings. Something is bound to make you smile / laugh. It works for me when I need a pick me up. A fellow Vancouverite ❤️

can you imagine?

Very glad most of BC is not too affected by Covid19. For those who feel smug and is making fun of others serving the public with gloves, masks, face shields. Yes, I'm bagging your groceries completely covered up. That's so you can enjoy being healthy and smug. So how about you imagine why people need to suit up before you let your mouth flap open?


Ok, I have a job still. Fortunate yes. Person X lost their job. They never bothered to talk to me while we worked in the same office space. I would pick up the area’s packages and bring them up to people from shipping, just cuz. None of those folks ever returned the favour; just stuck in their cliques and never looked up. So Person X now wants to add me as a LinkedIn connection. To that person: you failed to make any positive impression on me while we physically worked together, and you’re not going to impress me in the digital world either because we’re not even friends. It sucks that you lost your job, but I’d rather help other people, businesses and animals over you.

White Privilege

George Floyd was killed over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. I once gave a $20 bill to a store and they gave it back and told me they thought it was fake. We both had a good chuckle. I went on with my day and he as well. I never realized that white privilege is what saved me.

Good to the last drop

I hate lineups, wearing gloves and masks when I go out. Still do the above but completely hate it. Since everything is hard to get, I’m consciously using up everything in my household so I can venture out less and spend less. Shampoo remnants as hand soap, soy sauce packets that have been lying around, Kraft Dinner macaroni (tossing the neon orange powder though), bread bags as trash bags, wearing mismatched socks because they still function as a pair, etc. Feels good to just use up everything that I have on hand. Not necessarily living off the land but living off what I already have inside my 500 sq ft.

Getting even

He doesn't know I'm collecting every message. I'm looking at every email, digging, searching. I'm quietly plotting my revenge, letting him think he's winning me over but really collecting enough to get him in trouble. I never loved him, I just wanted to kill boredom but he went too far and led me on then hurt me somehow. I will enjoy the look on his face when he realizes I've been setting him up. He's going to wish he never met me when I'm finished with him. This is going to be so awesome. That's what he gets for pretending to show interest and then hurting me over things I can't help having and being. Pretending to care, saying he's sorry. Yeah, right. Nope, just sitting quietly, collecting evidence to trap him and ruin him. He will pay dearly. He has no idea, hahaha.

I confess that

they should bring social distancing back on buses because it is making me feel uncomfortable

I confess I have 3 wishes for 2021

- COVID vaccine - Biden becomes US president (Trump's madness will just be a nasty footnote in history) - real police reform happens One of the above would make me happy, I know the chance of all 3 is next to zero.


Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with...

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in...


Savage Love: Does coming-out dread inform kinks later in life?

I have a question. I’m a gay man in a relationship and we’re both really happy since we met a year ago.