Daily adaptation

Now that I’m 2 weeks+ after Dose 2, I’ve we been seeing friends again. It has been so great to be walking alongside them, seeing their huge grins, seeing them laugh at my dumb jokes, making eye contact and just laughing together again. That being said, the journeys home afterward on transit are uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone talking to me, masked or unmasked, on the bus. I have stranger danger; I don’t know anyone’s vaccine status and I very much don’t want to share aerosols with any randoms on public transit. I was a few seconds away from bolting from my seat where this guy was pestering me with his unmasked face. I guess I will have to switch to car-share Evo’s and maintain as much social distancing as possible. Not worth the money saved using the bus.

I end up in psychiatric care

I am in medical leave because of my career. I work in social services. The amount of pressure, abuse, lack of support, lack of promoting mental wellness, and the broken system in this field that I end up having a mental breakdown. Unfortunately, I have to quit this field. No amount of self-care and trying to detach myself as a frontline worker couldn't avoid my fate. Yes, another one bite the dust in the helping field. :-(

Ebye Ebay

I finally closed down my Ebay account after 10 years. Pretty much almost everything on there is ridiculously overpriced. It's really not worth paying so much money for a small item, let alone having to pay shipping and handling in American dollars. No thanks. So I'm done with that site.

I hate politics

Maybe this is not much of a confession but I digress. Some people asked me if I would ever be interested in running for City Council in the next municipal election comes up. No thanks. Not in the least. Never in a million years. Why would I want to sit through long boring tedious meetings and deal with idiots and hypocrites every nook and cranny? I’m nowhere near diplomatic so if there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s kissing ass.

Hell of a pandemic

Seeing pictures of people and so many ppl went grey over the last year. Even white in their beards. I don’t think I look old like them, but I definitely look broke and poorer over the last year.

A younger man

is after me! 7 years younger to be exact!! We dated once 8 years ago for a few months but then I moved away. We’ve been friends and kept in touch sporadically, and now suddenly he is totally into me!! I like him and I like the idea of living with him, but I feel a bit weird about being the older one as a woman. It’s just been my experience always that men tend to prefer younger females, and also I’m significantly more well off than he is so how can I possibly trust him fully? We do get along great though and always have, and I look young. I wish it didn’t matter to me but it does!! On the one hand, it would be nice to be with a younger guy, since older men tend to be more controlling and want a more traditional woman and I’m not into that. But on the other, if I start to really age, what’s to stop him from just going for someone young?!

My neighbours do noisy construction

I really want to move because of it. I started looking at 1 bedroom apartments, and Vancouver is essentially just basement suites for $1500 a month. I think this city is a hell for renters... I don't see people putting up with this for much longer. I'm glad I didn't buy at peak pandemic prices. I'm literally moving to butt-fuck nowhere because it is way more preferable than this.

Life isn’t Fair

From a very early age, a burden was placed on me to break my family out of the poverty cycle. My whole life, the messaging I received from my parents was to get good grades, go to University and get a good job. Well, I’ve done all that but somewhere along the way I forgot to include fun, joy, dating, enjoying my youth, and adventure into my life. I’m now in my early 30s, with a good career, but one that has left me feeling burnt out. I’m single with no dating experience, and don’t know how to have fun. My mental health is awful despite therapy. I make good money (relatively) but not enough to afford a home, especially on a single income. My face and body are starting to show the effects of aging, and I can’t seem to attract a partner for the life of me. Meanwhile, the women I went to high school with, who never studied hard, got to enjoy their youth, then they married rich and started a family, and are now living a great life without having to do all that schooling and ladder climbing for a career. I’m trying to remain positive, but some days, it just gets to me. I wish I could go back in time!


I’m on my break at work right now and enjoying my peace and quiet in the outdoor open space. Feels very soothing and relaxing to meditate. I don’t socialize with any co workers. Not out of disrespect. I just find that I concentrate better when I’m alone. Being alone allows me to straighten out my thoughts and stay focused.


I dont know what is happening to me. I was once so outgoing and bold and now I feel im becoming shy and kind of reserved. Just the thought of people looking at me is dreadful. I cant even be around overly confident people, it makes me feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable. Meanwhile I have some friends who seem to be getting more expressive and cant shut up about their opinions. Its becoming really hard to maintain certain friendships as they almost never understand or care and just continue droning on and on with their bloody loud speaker of a mouth. More and more I crave silence and peace.


Galina, Sunset Beach Ukrainian sweetheart

Sunset Beach on the grass near the Sylvia, Monday night around 10PM. You were sitting with a male...


Savage Love: Parent-banging boyfriend leaves everyone feeling mortified

If you think walking in on two people getting it on is awkward, try inviting your bi lover to dinner with your parents only to discover that he once had a threesome with them.