difficult to admit this

I’m a woman. I’ve had serious relationships. I wasn’t the type to date continuously. I did have breaks in between . Usually, I would be single for a year then some guy will appear in the picture. But I find I’m happier when I don’t have a boyfriend. I realized this many years ago, but I don’t want to be like that. I was informed, taught, influenced by friends, books, movies, parents that girls supposed to be in a relationship, get marry, etc. So if I admit to myself that I’m not the type suit to have a relationship. I feel I’m losing something. I’m a woman, a human, I should say. I always hope I can meet someone I admire, appreciate , adore and love. And he feels the same about me. But every time I’m in a relationship, I feel I’m not me. I feel so much more comfortable by myself and emotionally happier. When there’s someone else in my head or heart, my every thought is linked to him, his every word and action affects all my senses. My heart is not free. Okay, I secretly admit maybe I don’t like relationships. I was in them because I was super attracted to the guy, then emotions got involved, then it’s a habit and love grew and it became a relationship. Anyways, thank you for reading.

What is the point

I spent over an hour on the phone tonight with a loved one who lives in the US. This person talked the *entire* time about Trump. Didn't ask me how I'm doing. Didn't congratulate me on my new career. What is the point of engaging with one another if we don't have real conversations? What is the point of any of this unless we lift each other up, pay attention to one another? Please, don't talk my ear off about how much the world sucks. I read the news; I know how much it sucks. Ask me what I'm doing about it. Tell me what you're doing about it. Learn about me and my life, learn about the people I'm trying to help. Otherwise — what is the bloody point??

Muting you

One of my colleagues always has annoying background noise or his kids screaming in the background, but never bothers to mute himself when he's not talking (I guess he thinks it's cute - and besides, I'm sure his partner could take the kids for the five minutes he talks on these calls). Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we can mute him ourselves, and several of us have been doing it for him - I know this because I go to mute him and it'll already be done. I feel bad that it upsets him, but noise pollution is a real problem.

He talks in his sleep. A lot.

He thinks I don't know that he lusts after someone else. I get it, our marriage has been on a slow decline held together by money ties, kids and inheritance promises. Too messy to walk away from and I'm too busy and too comfortable to care. The only part that bugs me is the name he whispers with burning desire. It's not a woman's name.

Had an Angel behind me...

Bought me an E-bike, was looking for places to fish, headed for North Van, somehow I ended up on the Iron Workers highway, with no turning back, terrifying! Hitting like 38-40k's! A lady stayed behind me the trip, like a blocking car :) ... while people were screaming at me " get the f off the road ya jerk off.... I love Van :)

Still phase 2

I'm really surprised to see some people travelling to places in BC that have been very vocal about not wanting visitors to come until Phase 3; which is still over a week away. If they love the place so much wouldn't they want to respect their wishes. Also, it's not all that long to wait.


I've been spending a lot of time naked in my apartment during the Covid-19 self isolation..But the only time I feel naked is when my neighbour can see me from her balcony..She can see into my living room and then I feel deliciously naked...Are people really naked if no one sees them ?

Is it just me or are other people worried?

I guess I'm worried about the political tension between Dems and Repubs right now. I think the US has hit a dire cultural shift, and there is no working together right now. What is going to happen next? I don't want to see violence. I want to see peace and harmony. Will it happen? Gut feeling is no. I am hoping I am wrong.


Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with...

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in...


Savage Love: Does coming-out dread inform kinks later in life?

I have a question. I’m a gay man in a relationship and we’re both really happy since we met a year ago.