Indoor Outdoor Meows

Last week I stayed in an Airbnb with a porch, and a street car was sleeping on the chair out there. I opened the door and got to have a little furry friend tiptoeing around. Best feeling ever!

Calling out a liar

I so want to tell this guy that I know he’s intentionally trying to mislead me. I have proof. But I won’t do that because it’s too much fun letting him dig himself into an even bigger hole. On the other hand I feel like a fool for allowing myself to give him another chance. Good thing I’m not too invested this time because the smart part of me knew it was just a matter of time before those true colours showed up again. He just can’t help himself.

There is good in the world

I've been struggling so much lately. Mentally, physically (messed up ankle and foot) and financially. Nightmare neighbor's new girlfriend banging on the wall when my kid makes the slightest noise.. she's autistic and stims vocally often. I'm feeling uncomfortable in my own home all while just trying to make it through every month being a single mom, getting my daughter to therapy, going to food banks etc. and I've just hit my limit. Today the wheel on my child's stroller blew. The entire thing. Walking is our main way of getting around as I don't drive and get panic attacks on transit. I had to hobble on my bad ankle, while lifting the one side of the stroller nearly ten blocks to the gas station as at first I thought it only needed air. Once we got there and filled it with air, it immediately deflated. I felt so defeated. A man helped me figure out the issue which was the valve so I couldn't even just patch the wheel. I was kind of thinking out loud and said oh great, I can't afford that right now. He said sorry, can't help you there unfortunately. I was immediately embarrassed and apologized saying I wasn't hinting for him to give me money. I bought tape from the store to try and cover the valve after pumping more air in to try and at least get us home. As I looked up from the air pump he walked up to me and handed me $15.00 saying you need this more than I do. I immediately burst into tears and thanked him. I probably looked crazy. I was so overwhelmed not just over the money but mostly because of this man's kindness. I really, really needed that. I've been having such bad luck and crappy things in life lately that this man's one act of kindness alone made me sob. My faith in humanity was restored today. Another couple stopped to ask if we needed help as well. There are good people in the world. He will probably never know how deeply that touched me today. If you happen to ever read this, Thank you.. from the bottom of my heart. You completely made my day. I will pay it forward to someone else down on their luck someday.

Sexy babe

Your cold sores are so sexy......sweet Jesus.

Old enough

I’m old enough to see patterns in how rich people have manipulated society for their own benefits. Sure taking care of the environment is important, but typically there is some making money from working the population into a lather.

Yes, I ghosted you. Boo hoo.

I've ghosted you before, the last time I unghosted you I was giving you a chance to apologize for your continually abhorrent behavior. No apology A return of the verbal RW diarrhea, narcississm, word salad If everyone ghosts you, they have, the problem is YOU Gone

I'm so happy

I'm not bald.would I be one of the wannabees that grows a big beard to "make up for it"? Not a chance, clownshow.

Normal is an illusion

Since life is just one change after another, when someone says “when is everything going to get back to normal?”, I think there is no “normal”. All that is, is an illusion created when something stays the same for a period of time. But eventually it’s going to change and that’s the thing that can be the hardest to accept when we’re enjoying what we have right now. Living in the present is the best way to achieve happiness.

I Love You….

Just thought you should know… get well

Working for a non-union employer

I've worked for a non-union employer for 20 years. They try to fire me and make me want to quit whenever they think they can, and there's not really anything I can do about, and keep the job. They fixed it so I can't work for another employer, and it's not worth trying to sue them. They dispense raises and promotions to favourites, although I produce more work, and the same or better work. If I had been in a union, they would have had to stop this crap 20 years ago.


Riding bikes down Great Northern Way

We were riding down Great Northern Way. At the stops, we commented on each others e-bikes. I...